Synopsis: Determined to be the world’s greatest detective, Zaiba is always on the lookout for a crime to solve!

Zaiba is excited to visit an historical shipwreck and attend the reveal of its mystery cargo! But the big event is ruined when the priceless artefact goes missing. With stories of smuggling rooted in the seaside town’s past, Zaiba’s investigative instincts are buzzing. Will she and her team be able to uncover the coast’s secrets and find the treasure before it’s lost again forever?

The fourth book in a fun, fresh and exciting new detective series, for readers not quite ready for Robin Stevens, Katherine Woodfine, HIGH RISE MYSTERY and NANCY DREW.

Release Date: 3rd February 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Mystery, Crime, Friendship, Archeology, History

Pages: 256

Thank you so much to Little Tiger Group/ Stripes Publishing for the earc to read and review.

Review: This is so thrilling, it’s such a detailed, engaging and fun mystery that I adored reading and trying to solve with the Snow Leopard Detective Agency UK.

The mystery takes us to a small little town filled with history and a lot of secrets, the history club are there to see the unveiling of a mysterious artefact that had been found in a sunken ship from the 1800s but at the unveiling its found to be missing, so Zaiba gathers her team to start plotting out and investigating what, who, why and where it went.

I really love this series of books Zaiba is an incredible protagonist, shes an incredible leader and a wonderful friend and detective she doesn’t miss anything and can piece together everything from the smallest clues. I love how different each member of her team are and that they can each offer something vital in solving the mystery.

Attempting to solve this mystery with the team was so much fun, I honestly wasn’t very successful through most of it, but that’s what makes it fun, having the opportunity while reading to try and solve the mystery and following along to get to the answer is just so much fun and I love it.

It’s such a thrilling and fun read and I cannot wait for more in this series as it is amazing. The end of the book also gives us an amazing sneaky look into the Eden Locket books that Zaiba loves and wow I squealed a little at what was learnt from that. You also get some fun facts and tips for creating projects similar to what was in the book which I love as it added extra involvement with the book perfect fir kids.

I highly recommend this book series the thrill of the mystery throughout each book, the beautiful illustrations, the incredibly detailed storytelling, the wonderful characters, the diversity and inclusion within the book and the mystery you get to unwind throughout, plus they are just an all round incredibly enjoyable read.

About Author: Annabelle Sami is a writer and performer. She grew up next to the sea on the south coast of the UK and then moved to London, where she now lives. She studied English Literature and Drama and undertook an MA in English Literature at Queen Mary University. When she isn’t writing she enjoys playing saxophone in a band with her friends, performing live art and swimming in the sea.

About Illustrator: Daniela Sosa is originally from Romania, but now lives in Cambridge and is completing a master’s degree in children’s book illustrations at the Cambridge School of Art. She loves to travel, which is where she gets a lot of her inspiration from.


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