Synopsis: Join Lizzie and Lucky on another mystery-solving adventure! Perfect for fans of Holly Webb and Anisha, Accidental Detective.

When Lizzie and her cute puppy Lucky go on a family trip to the seaside, something doesn’t seem right. There’s talk of missing treasure no one has been able to find for years and years, and artefacts are mysteriously disappearing in the local museum. Anyone else would shrug it off but this dynamic duo just know there is a mystery to be solved here – and they won’t leave until they figure it out!

Release Date: 5th August 2021

Genres: Middle Grade, Mystery, Pirates, Friendship, Animals, Crime

Pages: 121

Review: I loved this book, it was absolutely adorable it had a protagonist that was deaf from a deaf family too and it was written so incredibly.

Lizzie and her puppy Lucky find mysteries everywhere they go and on vacation to her grandparents and instantly find a mysterious man on the beach an ancient pirate story that was never solved and artefacts that have been stolen.

I really enjoyed solving all the fun mysteries with Lizzie and her family, I loved learning about the pirate lure and about Sign Hand Stan. It was like. A fun adventure within the mystery and I loved reading every part of it.

This book comes with incredibly stunning illustrations that I just adored so much and the little Dalmatian hearing aids that Lizzie wore were an incredible touch to match her sweet puppy. I really loved seeing all the illustrations throughout the whole book.

I also adored that you got to learn sign language throughout the book but also get given the alphabet to learn and then a little fun quiz at the back of the book to try and solve using the sign language, I adored that being included to help teach others.

This book is so creatively made, so much fun and such a fantastic mystery, I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoyed a sweet book and a great mystery to solve.

About Author: Megan Rix is the hugely popular author of animal adventure books set in the modern day and key periods of history. An animal lover and dog-trainer, Megan draws inspiration from her own adorable dogs Traffy, Bella, Freya and Ellie, and many fascinating and extraordinary animal stories to engage her readers.

About Illustrator: Tim Budgen is a freelance illustrator and Art teacher. He’s illustrated Pugicorn and the Magic Pet Shop series, the Lizzie and Lucky series by Megan Rix, 20 Dinosaurs at Bedtime by Mark Sperring and many more amazing children’s books. For much of his life he has been scribbling down ideas and can usually be found with a pencil in one hand and a sketchbook in the other! He lives by the sea on Hayling Island, England, with his wife Julia.


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