Synopsis: Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Birthday Present Disaster is the third title in a fun and inclusive, young magical adventure series for readers of 6-8 from Lola Morayo. Inspired by fairies and magical creatures from world mythology it is gorgeously illustrated in black and white throughout by Cory Reid.

Aziza notices that the Secret Fairy Door in her bedroom is covered in a cute ribbon tied in a very messy bow. It’s a sure sign that she’s about to go on a new adventure.

Aziza opens the door and finds herself in the Palace just in time for Princess Peri’s birthday party. Tiko is organizing the party and wants everything to be just right for his friend. There are party games, delicious food and lots of friends ready to celebrate. It’s very exciting! But Peri needs Aziza’s help when some special presents go missing. . .

Packed with mischief, friendship and magic, Aziza is perfect for fans of Isadora Moon.

Look out for other titles in the series: Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid’s Treasure, coming soon.

Release Date: 17th February 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mythology, Friendship, Mystery

Pages: 161

Thank you so much to Macmillan Children’s Books and Netgalley for the earc to read and review

Review: I love this series it’s honestly so precious and adorable, I love the characters and the sweet magical world. This time Aziza finds herself troubled for what to do for her brothers party and is then swept into Peri’s birthday party where guests and presents are missing and she, Tiko and Peri spend the whole time trying to find the gifts.

I loved how simple the mystery was in this one with it being a general case of something missing, I loved that we got to explore the palace that Peri lives in and we got to meet some new interesting characters along the journey. It was a really maxing addition to the series.

It had sweet lessons within the book which is so sweet, how to help people with their troubles, how to forgive, how to have confidence in oneself and build confidence in others and how to be a great friend, I loved that.

I also really enjoyed the illustrations again they are always so pretty and perfect, I also loved the additional information about the creatures, the characters names and the mythology behind them, what an amazing addition to the have extra facts to learn.

I really love this series and this book, they are perfect for young children that want a really easy and fun escape they will be transported into the secret fairy world of Shimmerton and will be wanting the next ones in the series quickly.

About Authors: Lola Morayo is the pen name for the creative partnership of writers Tólá Okogwu and Jasmine Richards. Tólá is a journalist and author of the Daddy Do My Hair series. She is an avid reader who enjoys spending time with her family and friends in her home in Kent, where she lives with her husband and daughters.

Jasmine is the founder of an inclusive fiction studio called Storymix and has written more than 15 books for children. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two children. Both are passionate about telling stories that are inclusive and joyful.

About Illustrator: Cory Reid lives in Kettering and is an illustrator and designer who has worked in the creative industry for more than fifteen years with clients including, Usborne Publishing, Owlet Press and Card Factory.


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