Synopsis: An adapted and illustrated edition of the Russian classic, at an easy-to-read level for all ages!

Anna Karenina appears to have the perfect life. Young and beautiful, she lives in a fashionable house in Moscow with her respected husband and their young son. But Anna is deeply unhappy. Her older husband bores her, and she misses the lively city she grew up in. Then Count Vronsky, a dashing young officer, invites her to dance at a ball.

Release Date: 8th July 2021

Genres: Classic Literature, Classics, Russian Literature, Middle Grade, Romance, Historical, Drama, Friendship, Family,

Pages: 120

Review: What drama this Russian classic was woah, I had heard of this story but never read it but always was intrigued by it so was so happy to finally give the story a read but in an easier less daunting way.

Young Anna married but not content goes astray as a young military man sweeps her off her feet and leading her down a scorned path. Whilst young Kitty realises what love really is and that she too was blinded by the same man.

I loved this book it was filled with so much drama and I think this book captured the story perfectly. With love and forbidden love, family, betrayal, society scorning ones who do wrong. It was so much fun and I loved it.

What an amazing easy classic this was, I loved stepping into their world and reading this interesting story. I really love that these books are literally what they say easy, you can read all these amazing classic literary books and get told the story in a simpler and more manageable way but not miss out anything important within the story.

About Author: Leo Tolstoy (full name Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy) was born in 1828. Tolstoy was a Russian writer and is regarded as one of the greatest writers of Russian classic literature. His work is studied by many and has won multiple nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize and Nobel Literary Prize.

About Transcriber: Gemma Barder lives in Market Harborough, Leicester, with her family and a mischievous cocker spaniel. She started life working in children’s and pre-teen magazines before moving into the world of publishing. She’s now a freelance writer full time and writes activity books, treasuries, novels and storybooks for children, as well as publishing her own magazine. Gemma writes a wide range of children’s books for Sweet Cherry, with more projects in the pipeline.

About Illustrator: Helen is a children’s illustrator and lives in Loughborough, Leicestershire. She enjoys illustrating fun and colourful characters and building a world around them.


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