Six at Curve Leicester on 2nd October 2021


This show was unbelievably phenomenally incredible, from the instant that the lights dimmed and they came out I was excited. I had never seen this show in person but was beyond excited for it. This show is such high energy, the songs are so much fun, the girls are literally always on the go and on the stage.

Their voices were just wow wow wow, they all blew me away with their vocals seriously, and also the emotions put into the sadder songs also were amazing. They were all absolutely hilarious and made me laugh so much, but also I cried and felt so much in my heart whilst watching. They had me dancing in my seat and it was such a thoroughly entertaining and incredible show.

The set is so pretty, they lighting is amazing, their costumes are utterly stunning when you are that close up to them, the girls were all incredible beautiful and let’s not forget to mention the band as they are a huge part of the show, they don’t leave the stage once, they are literally amazing and all so so talented and help make the show even better.

The queens were beyond insanely talented, Lauren Drew as Aragon with her sass and high notes owning that show from the start. Jen Caldwell with her very cheeky hilarity as Boleyn she’s so much fun. Caitlin Tipping as Jane Seymour with her heart breaking Heart of Stone that gave me chills and tears, my goodness it hit me hard with how sad her rendition was. Shakenina McFarlane as Anna Of Cleves was so funny and so utterly eccentric and so fierce her personality was amazing and she just brought it. Vicki Manser as Katherine Howard what vocals and so much raw emotion but also she had the perfect K-Howard flirty over confident-ness about her, it was perfect. And lastly Elena Gysai as Catherine Parr was absolutely beautiful and heartfelt, just amazing.

These girls didn’t disappoint at all they all put so so much into the show, made the whole thing so unbelievably incredible and I’m in awe of their talent, those voices oh my goodness they were all so so incredible. Also their outfits were stunning and so sparkly, I hadn’t realised how sparkly they would be and the band were incredible too.

The whole show felt like a huge party, it was exhilarating, incredible and filled with so much talent. It’s definitely a show that you can go to and just literally relax as it’s so much fun, the music will instantly hit you, making you wanna join in it’s such an amazing and creative show and you’ll enjoy the whole thing wanting to go again.

Cast & Crew

Who I saw:

Lauren Drew: Catherine of Aragon

Jen Caldwell: Anne Boleyn Alternate

Caitlin Tipping: Jane Seymour

Shakenina McFarlane: Anna Cleves

Vicki Manser: Katherine Howard

Elena Gysai: Catherine Parr

Additional Cast

Maddison Bulleyment: Anne Boleyn

Harriett Watson: Alternate

Cassandra Lee: Alternate

Natalie Pilkington: Swing

Ladies in Waiting/Band

Sarah Burrell – Musical Director & Keys

Vanessa Dominique – Drums

Frankie South – Guitar

Kat Bax – Bass

Creative Team

Lucy Moss & Toby Marlow – Music & Lyrics

Kenny Wax – General Managment

Helen Snell LTD – Marketing & Press

Lucy Moss & Jamie Armitage – Directors

Carrie-Anne Ingrouille – Choreographer

Emma Bailey – Set Designer

Gabriella Slade – Costume Designer

Tim Deiling – Lighting Designer

Paul Gatehouse- Sound Designer

Tom Curran – Orchestra

Joe Beighton – Musical Supervisor

Justin Allin – Costume Supervisor

Sam Cox – Hair & Make Up Supervisor

Granny Anne Rafferty & Grace Taylor – Associate Directors

Freya Sands & Melody Sinclair – Associate Choreographers

Charlie Smith- Associate Sound Designer

Jamie Platt – Associate Lighting Designer

Laura Rushton – Associate Costume Supervisor

Katy Richardson – UK Associate Musical Supervisor

Lauren Appleby – Associate Hair & Make Up Supervisor

Lauren Hopkinson – Associate Musical Director

Technical Team

Felix Davies – Production Manager

Alexa Penny – Company Stage Manager

Lisa Mansson – Debut Stage Manager

Fiona Davis – Assistant Stage Manager

Andy Murrell – Production LX

Alex Hopkins – LX1/Relighter

Gemma Johnstone- Sound 1

Richard Jones- Sound 2

Anthony Hannah – Tech Swing

Sophie Wilson – Head of Wardrobe

Anna Hilary – Head of Wigs & Make Up

Ashleigh Gill – Wardrobe & Wigs Assistant


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