Title: The Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Rating: PG

Episode Run Time: 24 Minutes

Summery: A young boy and his family move to an abandoned hotel in Sulpher Springs, Louisiana where he befriends a curious girl named Harper. Together they will work to solve the 30-year-old mysteries of the hotel involving a missing teen named Savannah believed to be haunting the hotel present day.

Cast: Preston Oliver, Kyliegh Curran, Elle Graham, Madeleine McGraw, Landon Gordon, Kelly Frye, Josh Braaten, Diandra Lyle & Bryant Tardy

Directors: Mary Lou Belli, Patricia Cardoso, Fred Gerber, Robert J. Metoyer, Charles Pratt Jr, Kristin Windell, Jennifer Phang & Ellen S. Pressman.

Writers: Tracey Thomson, R. Lee Fleming Jr, Charles Pratt Jr, Elena Song, Katherine Kearns, Lindsey Klingele & Caroline Renar


This show follows Griffin and his family as they move into an old run down haunted hotel, he befriends Harper and the two of them find the mystery to the haunted hotel with the unsolved case of finding Savannah. They find a portal to time travel and go back and orthotics solve the mystery. Then in second season with another haunting within the hotel the portal takes Harper back in time to her ancestors with another mystery to solve.

Creepy, eeeie, intriguing, mysterious and thrilling. Right from the start you are lead into the haunted house vibes, you learn of the stories of what haunts the hotel or rather who but it all unpacks quickly as you start to learn the truth and follow Griffin and Harper to the past to solve it.

The first series alone was incredible the kids sneaking around between eras to try and solve what truly happened to Savannah at the summer camp back in the day, befriending her and trying to put all the pieces together. Back at home his siblings are also trying to solve the mystery and finding all the creepy spots in the house bringing a lot of the creepier vibes to the show.

As we go into season two I tell you it got a hell of a lot creepier in my opinion and totally upped everything from the switch going wrong to the ghost getting worse at the hotel to the mom actually starting to be scared, to the time travelling machine starting to judder it got a lot darker. I loved it.

I really enjoyed this show and the characters worked really well together, I loved the elements of time travel seeing all the different eras. The show had a lot of different elements that it opened up from family issues, to relationships, to troubled kids, to history and ancestry, to ghosts and mysteries. Everything worked so well and the cast are incredible in this show.

This show is so much fun, so eerie, but not scary enough that if you weren’t a horror fan you could enjoy it as it’s still pretty tame for the most part. I cannot wait for season three to be available as I know I will love it, we were left at a cliffhanger again two seasons in a row.

It is such a unique show, with so much to offer I totally advise if you haven’t seen it that you give it a shot, it’s so fun and makes you want to solve what is really going on the whole time.


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