Synopsis: After surviving fourteen long years with her horrible aunt, and nothing but a doll and an old handkerchief for company, Esther Summerson’s life is finally looking a little brighter. She’s going to school and making friends, real friends! The only thing Esther’s missing now is a mother. But long-lost parents don’t just turn up out of the blue on a rainy afternoon do they?

Release Date: 15th October 2020

Genres: Middle Grade, Classics, Classic Literature, Historical, Crime, family

Pages: 96

Review: What an interesting story there were so many characters it got a smidge confusing for a second but it all cleared up. I really loved how the storylines all tidied up perfectly together and the hilarity of the ending with the lawsuit finally being over.

It had so much going on with the many characters and many storylines but I think the bite size pieces created in this book worked really well to paint a great picture of the story over all.

I really enjoyed reading this one as I hadn’t ever read the full classic before so it was a good way to learn of the story and read it in a much simpler and easier way.

I love this easy classics series they are so perfect for children to get into a classic or for anyone that finds huge classics daunting but still wanting to know the stories and with these you can learn the story in such a fun yet easier and smaller way. I love them and highly recommend them to anyone interested in classics.

About Transcriber: Philip Gooden is a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford and taught English for many years and is a member of the Medieval Murderers group who have written ten books together. He is the author of the Nick Revill series and of The Durham Deception and The Ely Testament. He has also written a large number of non-fiction books including literature guides for students and popular reference titles about language.


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