Synopsis: One night, Ira awoke to hear leaves rustling around the forest nd the sounds of a large animal crushing twigs and branches as it walked around. Ira’s heart beat faster. Was it the Elugudu? She was excited but at the same time afraid to step out in the dark.

6 year old Ira is inquisitive and bursting with energy. She lives with her parents in Singapore when she is not seeking out adventures and/or mythical creatures around the world. Join in on this her second adventure as she and her best friend Nina sail the Anadaman sea in search of Elugudu, an animal part elephant part fish. No one had ever properly seen an Elugudu. Does Elugudu exist or is it just another myth?

Ira and Nina go island hopping in Anadaman to find out.

Release Date: 17th November 2021

Genres: Picture Book, Adventure, Fantasy, Adventure, Mythology, Friendship

Pages: 30

Thanks to the authors Ira and Shivram and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: I love that this story was written by a child using her full imagination to create this story. It was such a whimsical and fun adventure.

Ira and Nina want to find the Eludugu a mythological sea elephant that no one has ever found, taking a boat and supplies the girls head off on this fun trip. There they get stranded, but the Eludugu might be closer than they guessed and their adventures get even more fun.

I really thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was really well created, very fuelled by a running imagination, so very whimsical and magical. It was so unique and had really cute illustrations with it on every page.

I do recommend this book to any adult looking for a really fun adventure story for the child in their lives, they will love being whisked away into this world and having such an amazing adventure with Ira and Nina.


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