Title: Ballerina/ Leap!

Rating: U

RunTime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

Summery: In the 1880s, Félicie, a poor orphan girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina, but lacks formal training, runs away from her orphanage in rural Brittany with her best friend, Victor, a young inventor. Together they go to beautiful Paris, but they soon become separated, and Victor becomes an office boy in Gustave Eiffel’s workshop. Félicie finds her way to the Paris Opera, where the guard catches her trespassing. She is rescued by a mysterious cleaner with a limp, Odette, who agrees to let Félicie stay with her until she gets on her feet. Odette works for both the Opera and for the cruel and imperious Régine Le Haut, a wealthy restaurant owner. While helping Odette clean, Félicie spies Regine’s daughter, Camille, practicing ballet. Camille sees Félicie, insults her, and throws Félicie’s treasured music box out of the window, breaking it. As Félicie takes it to Victor for repair, she intercepts the postman who brings a letter from the Opera admitting Camille to the celebrated school of the Paris Opera Ballet; in her anger, she hides the letter and decides to assume Camille’s identity to get into the school and pursue her dream, while also getting back at Camille..

Cast: Elle Fanning, Dane DeHaan, Carly Rae Jepson, Maddie Ziegler, Terrence Scammell, Tamir Kapelian & Julie Khaner.

Directors: Éric Summer, Éric Warin, Mimi Maynard & Paulette Victor-Lifto

Writers: Éric Summer, Laurent Zeitoun & Carol Noble


Felicie and Victor escape their orphanage both with big dreams, her dream is to be a prima ballerina and his to be an inventor. As she sneaks into the opera ballet school taking the place from another girl she learns its harder than she thought, but with dedication and training she surprises everyone but it’s not so simple as the other girl catches her.

This movie was okay however it didn’t fully hold my attention and I’m a huge ballet fan, parts of the story kind of felt very unrealistic. I loved that Felicie was determined and she worked really hard at what she loved so her dreams could come true. It was good that she had obstacles to have to overcome and that it didn’t just come easy for her. I liked the woman that took her in and trained her, she was sweet but her story was sad, though predictable unfortunately.

I cannot say that I enjoyed it as a whole or that I really cared for many of the other characters within it, they just weren’t that great. I wish I could have been more entertained and enjoyed this more I just didn’t and I cannot really pin point exactly what I didn’t enjoy about it.


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