Summery: Make room for ogre-sized family fun as the greatest fairy tale never told comes to life in a whole new way in this breathtaking Broadway musical adaptation of the hit movie Shrek!

Release Date: 17th September 2013

Rating: U

Run time: 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Where I Watched: NowTV


This was a weird and unusual show. I disliked it more than I liked it. I’m not a fan of Shrek in the first place but I felt like it was a musical show I needed to actually see before making a full judgement of it.

I suppose it was everything you’d expect of Shrek honestly, it was grotesque and tacky and vulgar. It didn’t have much heart and it’s supposed to be funny. Personally I didn’t find it very funny, it’s not my kind of humour at all, it’s certainly a style of comedy that you have to enjoy to find this funny.

The quick Fiona changes were really cool and I’m in wonder how exactly they did them so swiftly I presume a stand in but who knows. I really liked the set design it was simple but worked, and the songs though weren’t all great did fit into the story well.

Okay so the characters I didn’t really care for many of them honestly, they were irritating Shrek was really not a good singer at all and his weird accent felt wrong not sure why he couldn’t capture it properly. I didn’t care for him at all he made it kinda hard to watch as he just wasn’t a good Shrek.

Fiona was probably the only character I liked and the best scene was the young Fiona’s they were great, Sutton foster has an amazing voice I now get the hype over her voice it was stunning. She was a total nutter which surprised me completely. But she was probably the best thing within the whole show.

This wasn’t for me at all, not a show I would typically give a watch too but I’m still glad I’ve seen it and been able to make my mind up from it. It was creative and unique but just didn’t engage me enough.


Shrek -Brian D’Arcy James

Fiona – Sutton Foster

Donkey – Daniel Breaker

Lord Farquaad – Christopher Sieber

Teen Fiona – Marissa O’Donnell

Child Fiona – Leah Greenhaus

The cast is fuller than what I have listed with a huge array of talented ensemble and swings but it would take me so long to list every member.

Creative Team:

Director: Michael John Warren

Writers: William Steig & David Lindsay-Abaire (Books)

Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Roger S.H. Schuman & Joe Stillma – (Movie Screenplay Writers)

Producer: Beth Byrne

Obviously a whole load more staff went into creating this but it would take forever to list every single person.


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