Synopsis: Harness the power of the elements with the Moonlight Riders! A brand-new series from bestselling author Linda Chapman, author of MY SECRET UNICORN and UNICORN ACADEMY.

Could you be a True Rider?

When Amara started riding at the Moonlight Stables Riding School she never expected that the ponies there could do magic! Rose can harness the strength of earth, Tide has the abilities of water, and Ember has fire power! Amara is delighted when Ember chooses her to be his True Rider, but she has a lot to learn. Can she help Ember to master his powers and protect him from the evil Night Riders?

Release Date: 14th April 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Magic, Animals, Friendship

Pages: 86

Thank you so much to Hachette Children’s / Orchard Books and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review

Review: Young Amara loves horses and has a huge connection to them, so she asks at the stables near by to work there, whilst there she forms a connection with a unique horse called Ember, but the girl that rides him doesn’t like her or want her near the horse at all.

I really loved the connection she had with Ember and the magic that they built up together, it was really sweet and reading about the other kids and their horses magical connections were also really great. Each magical horse had a unique way of deeply connecting to one human and I loved that it was really special and sweet.

I didn’t like that bullying was a heavily used topic within this story, it would have been okay with just a little bit but it was over used and was harsh and very mean. It went from just one girl bullying her, to a group of them and then a meaner girl and her horse. It was just all a bit much and definitely ruined a lot of the magic and beauty of the story for me.

This was really not what I expected it to be, it still had some of its beautiful magic things, it had a beautiful connection between a cute little girl and her best friend horse. However it also had a massive let down in story too with the heavily done bullying. I love magical horse stories but I cannot say I was the biggest fan of this one as a whole, in parts I loved it, in parts I didn’t.

About Author: Linda Chapman was born in Liverpool in 1969. She had many different jobs before becoming a full-time writer in 1999. She worked as a theatre stage manager, a dog trainer, a bookseller, a nanny, a teacher and a research assistant. She has written over 120 books for children, some under her own name, others under different names including the Superpowers series under the name Alex Cliff. Linda lives in Leicestershire with her husband, three young children and two dogs. When she is not writing she likes riding, reading, walking her dogs and visiting schools and libraries. She has written many different series including: My Secret Unicorn, Unicorn School, Stardust, Sky Horses and Not Quite a Mermaid. Her latest two series – Skating School and Loving Spirit – come out in 2010.


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