Synopsis: At ten years old, Fanny is sent to live with rich relatives at Mansfield Park. Fanny doesn’t fit in there but she is grateful for the friendship of her cousin, Edmund. Years later, the arrival of Henry and Mary Crawford upsets their quiet lives. With even Edmund acting differently, can Fanny stay true to herself?

Release Date: 1st October 2020

Genres: Classics, Classic Literature, Easy Classics, Children’s Classics, Middle Grade, Romance, Drama

Pages: 96

Review: I didn’t like this story at all, it was just weird honestly so weird. A young poor girl sent to love in her rich aunt and uncles mansion being raised with her cousins where she then falls in love with her cousin only to painfully watch him fall in love with the rich neighbour.

It was apparent from the instant she showed up that she was going to fall in love with him but wow this was so weird and I wish I’d of known what the story was actually about before reading it.

Though I’m ususally a fan of these classics and I love that they are created in an easier way and retelling the story to get kids to read classics and enjoy the stories. I really wasn’t a fan of this one the story itself was just so weird and I wasn’t a fan.

Most of the story nothing much seemed to happen just the rich people sitting around talking, they are doing a play until they are no longer allowed to, looking after a sick cousin and it was all so blah to me which is such a shame and then it was just weird. I just wasn’t personally a fan of this story.

But alas I may not have enjoyed this one but it’s a classic and I’m sure many people love this story. I still think it was done well for the easy classics line but I just think the story isn’t very good in general to me.

About Author: Jane Austen was born in Steventon in 1775, She is known for her novels, which comment on the society she lived in and give readers an insight on what it was like to be a woman at the beginning of the 19th Century. She died in Winchester in 1817.

About Transcriber: Gemma Barder lives in Market Harborough, Leicester, with her family and a mischievous cocker spaniel. She started life working in children’s and pre-teen magazines before moving into the world of publishing. She’s now a freelance writer full time and writes activity books, treasuries, novels and storybooks for children, as well as publishing her own magazine. Gemma writes a wide range of children’s books for Sweet Cherry, with more projects in the pipeline.


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