Synopsis: Twin brothers Jordie and Joey have never met their parents. Maybe it’s because they aren’t from this planet?

When another kid at school tried to force Jordie to show him the “crop circles” on his back that prove he’s an alien, it was Joey who took the kid to the ground. And when the twins got kicked out of their foster home because Joey kissed the other boy who lived there, it was Jordie who told him everything would be okay. And as long as Jordie and Joey are together, it will be. But when the principal calls their current foster mother about a fight at school, the boys know she’ll be done with them. And, from spying in their file, they also know they’re going to be separated.

Determined to face the world side by side rather than without one another, Jordie and Joey set off to find their birth parents. From Arizona to Roswell to Area 51 in the Nevada desert, the twins begin a search for where they truly belong. But Jordie’s about to discover that family isn’t always about the ones who bring you into the world, but the ones who help you survive it.

Release Date: 19th April 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Sci-Fi, Coming of Age, Family, Friendship, Adventure.

Pages: 240

Thank you so much to Jolly Fish Press for the earc to read and review.

Review: This story was literally nothing like I expected it to be, it over exceeded every thought or guess I had for what would entail in this story. I soaked up this story and fell deep within it and it hit me hard.

It was so beautifully, carefully and craftily written. The characters are all so thought out and perfectly realistic and flawed. I felt everything with the characters and was wanting the best for them the whole time.

Jordie thinks they are from aliens and he and his brother Joey and friend Nadia set out on an adventure, searching for the truth of their family and the circle scars on his back. The journey is rough and difficult but through it they learn so much more than they dreamed they would have.

I really loved these boys I just felt for them and their adventure, their hope and determination. I adored how close and connected they were the whole time, they were both so different but were exactly what the other needed.

It’s a really hard hitting and emotional story that delves deep into the child services system and how flawed it really is, how difficult it is for the kids stuck within it. It was deep and messy and so thoughtfully written out, showing a perfect example of it.

I honestly am in awe of this story, I didn’t know I was going to cry whilst reading it, I didn’t know I would be pulled so deeply inside this world, I didn’t know how much it would effect me. This book did all of those things and so much more, it’s just wonderful, sad, beautiful and heartbreaking.


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