Synopsis: When Watson rushes to Baker Street only to find it is for a case about a professor’s misbehaving dog, he is not pleased. What he doesn’t know is that Holmes is really investigating the professor’s seriously strange behavior – crawling through the hallways, hiding secret letters and even climbing the side of his house. No one knows why or how it is happening, but one thing is for sure: there’s something creepy about Professor Presbury …

Release Date: 4th October 2022

Genres: Mystery, Classics, Classic Literature, Children’s Classics, Middle Grade, Crime

Pages: 120

Review: This was one of the oddest Sherlock Holmes ones I’ve read and it was impossible to solve too, I literally had no clue at all what was going on in this one. It was so fascinating.

The case was already open to Holmes but now he needed Watson’s help to solve it, with the evidence being all sporadic little pieces none of which seem to connect they have a tough one but with the family becoming increasingly scared by their dad, Holmes and Watson must figure it out.

I really enjoyed this one due to its oddness,it was a total mystery to me and I’m still not sure I’ve solved it even after reading, it’s such a strange one and I loved reading about this case of the creeping man.

I really love these easy classics as they share a really fun classic story or mystery but cut down into bite size piece that make it so much easier to follow.

About Author: Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was a British writer best known for his detective fiction featuring the character Sherlock Holmes. Doyle was a prolific writer; his non-Sherlockian works include fantasy and science fiction stories about Professor Challenger and humorous stories about the Napoleonic soldier Brigadier Gerard, as well as plays, romances, poetry, non-fiction and historical novels.

About Transcriber: Stephanie was born in England before emigrating to Australia – and later New Zealand – with her family, where she trained as a nurse. Whilst back in England on holiday, she met and married her husband, had a daughter and settled down.

Stephanie’s lifelong interest in writing became more serious when her first children’s book, Avalanche, was published in the 1980s. Since then, she has had around forty children’s books published, and has also published an historical novella for adults.

Stephanie works closely with schools, she tutors for two writing schools and occasionally runs writing workshops for adults.

Stephanie joined Sweet Cherry Publishing in 2013 with her Mr Pattacake series, and she has since written The Dinosaur Detectives. Stephanie currently lives in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire.

About Illustrator: Arianna is a freelance illustrator based in Florence, Italy, where she majored in Entertainment Design at Nemo Academy. Since then she has worked as 2D artist with Italian independent video game studios. The Sherlock Holmes series is her debut novel as an illustrator for Children’s books.


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