Synopsis: Disney Princess Ariel and two of her sisters are swept out to sea by an enormous wave in this all-new story! Lost and with no clue how to get home, the young girls encounter many new things. The little mermaid is fascinated by her first trip to the surface and a human shipwreck! But can Ariel’s quick thinking help them find a way home or will they be lost forever?

Release Date: 25th July 2017

Genres: Middle Grade, Disney, Disney Princess, Adventure, Family, Animals, Fantasy, Mythology, Fairy Tales

Pages: 130

Review: A new favourite in this series, I loved this one, it depicted Ariel perfectly, we got so much of her sisters and we got a sea of adventure in such a small story and it was all written so perfectly too.

It started with Ariel being Ariel her absent mindedness daydreaming and distracted by many other things but then, her and her sisters play a cute game together in the sea waves and soon are washed into sea far from home. Her skills of being distracted helped them figure out how to get home and her kindness to the other animals helped her too.

I loved this adventure with two of her sisters Andrina and Aquatta, they did so many things they were scared of but they believed so much that Ariel would save them and it was sweet. They never seemed scared or worried they wouldn’t find their way home, all because they trusted Ariel the youngest sister to guide them back.

I honestly loved that it wasn’t just about Ariel and that it was about her sisters too, it was about Ariel first time discovering the sea and finding the things we know later on she adores and it was so much fun.

The story and the characterisation is done so well that you could see that makings of her sisters and herself even at the younger ages they were. I loved the illustrations within the book getting to see everything come to life too.

If you have a princess fan in your life or an Ariel in particular fan then I highly recommend this book as it is a perfect Ariel story and it really joins up to what we already know so naturally and perfectly.


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