Synopsis: Cam and Sophie feel like they’ve been travelling forever to get to the rainforest and the river and their cousins. They just want to see a platypus in the wild, but with the rain tipping down and the river turning wild they can’t see a thing. Until suddenly, they can. A platypus is just below them, and it needs help! But when their rescue attempt goes horribly wrong, it’s not just the platypus that needs saving …

Release Date: 2nd February 2021

Genres: Middle Grade, Adventure, Nature, Outdoors, Family, Animals

Pages: 104

Review: Cam and Sophie with their cousins Jack and Liv have gone to see the wild platypus but when one is injured and they try to help things go wrong and they ended up washed at sea and end up alone in the woods, there they have to figure out a way back while getting colder and being eaten by leeches.

This was kinda scary just imagining these little children alone in a huge forest and having no idea how to get back. Then to have so many leeches sucking on them all oh wow they were so brave and Cam was such a great older sister/cousin leading the way guiding them every step of the way, having to withhold her own fears to be the grown up in the situation.

Though the adventure they went on was incredibly scary it was still fun, they had to learn so much, so quickly. It was such an interesting book and I loved the way the characters were written In the story they worked well together and made the progression of the story more interesting.

I’ve never read anything like this one but it was really well thought out and review characters all seemed so real and reacted to the situation in so many different ways it felt realistic.

If you have a kid that loves adventures, stories set in woods and forests, risks and danger or just a really unique and fun story I do recommend this it was really good and very well thought out.

About Author: Cristy Burne grew up climbing trees, jumping drains, chasing cows, and inventing stories. She has a passion for learning through doing and loves to inspire creativity, daring, and resilience in her readers. Cristy is a children’s author and science writer with degrees in biotechnology and science communication. She has also worked as a science circus performer, garbage analyst, Santa’s pixie, and atom-smashing reporter.


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