Synopsis: For as long as she can remember, eleven-year-old Annie has believed that her mother and father would come back to her New York City to get her. But mean Miss Hannifan, the headmistress, is making Annie’s life a misery. So she runs away to find her parents… Will Annie ever find a way to escape her hard-knock life?

Release Date: 2013 (this edition) 1st December 1979 (original version)

Genres: Middle Grade, Historical, Family, Classic, Children’s Classics, Musicals, Plays, Contemporary, Coming of age.

Pages: 302

Review: Who doesn’t know this story right? It’s a classic and I didn’t even know it was a book before it was a musical and movie so that was so interesting getting to read the story. I was not let down as I never am with the beautiful story of orphan Annie and her search for a family.

I did find scenes I hadn’t known about with her and Gert and Fred such cruel humans doing what they did to her, it may have had some niceness too it but it was mostly malicious of them what they did. I also loved the adventure she went on, the fending for herself on the cold poverty driven streets of New York.

I really enjoyed reading it and escaping into this world that I knew but hadn’t really watched or thought of for a while, so it was great, though I did have the songs in my head at each scene where they would be placed but that was an added bonus in my opinion.

I loved the characters in this story and Tessie is still so adorable with her constant “Oh my Goodness” at every turn she’s so cute. And poor misunderstood lonely Pepper, that girl always tugs at my heart and reading about her in the book too added to it. We obviously love Annie right? It’s all about the sweet and optimistically happy girl with the rough life, she’s a symbol of hope for anyone in a dark time.

I really loved giving this a read and will certainly read it again, it made me tear up at the end even though I know the story already. But it’s so beautifully written and so sweet. One issue I had was cursing in a children’s book the word “Damn” was uttered too many times for my liking in a children’s book, but I had no other issues and just loved and enjoyed it completely.


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