Synopsis: Before Anna saved Elsa in an act of true love, she was a young girl looking for a friend. When Anna’s parents, Queen Iduna and King Agnarr, go off on a trip, Anna finds herself lonelier than ever. Her sister, Elsa, seems determined to avoid her, and all Anna wants is a friend to play with. She imagines another girl her own age, Astrid, and sends her a letter. To her surprise, Astrid writes back! But as the two become friends through their letters, Anna begins to wonder if Astrid is closer than she first thought…

Release Date: 3rd March 2020

Genres: Middle Grade, Disney, Disney Princess, Friendship, Animals

Pages: 121

Review: Awe this was so sweet, little Anna is all alone when her parents sail off for two weeks and as Elsa won’t come out the door or let her in she has to find ways of entertaining herself. She finds a red squirrel on the grounds and decided its her friend, but she also creates a friend she names Astrid and write to her all about Soren the squirrel, and some how receives letters back.

I loved how vivid Anna’s imagination is in this story, as she has no way of making real friends she makes them up, the portrait gallery all being her friends and then a squirrel. She was so imaginative and it’s adorable reading about her when she was little and lonely.

I had my theory from the start who was writing her the Astrid letters but it was just so cute reading her reaction to receiving them, and exploring and being creative and her whirring mind over the squirrel.

It’s honestly such an adorable story and a perfect addition to Anna’s little story we already know of. It had beautiful illustrations and it was so sweet seeing inside the castle. If you love frozen or princesses or know someone that does this story is worth reading it’s just precious and so perfectly Anna.


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