Synopsis: A sweet story in rhyme about enjoying a day at the sea. For little starfish and other water rats ages 4 years and up.

The sun is shining, cheerful, and bright. It tickles me awake with its happy light. Do you know where we’re going today? To the sea! Little doggy, will you come with me?

Release Date: 31st May 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Poetry/Rhyme, Adventure, Children’s, Friendship

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Clavis Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: This was so sweet, I really love books with rhymes they are always fun to read with children and are so sweet. In this one the little child has big plans going to the beach and having some fun.

I loved how precious it was showing step by step of their day and what they did, the fun they had. It was honestly adorable and a really easy fun read. it’s definitely also a book that a young child starting to read could use to help them, it was written in a really easy to read way and was fun to read too.

I loved the cute illustrations of this book and the colors chosen for it, it was really bright, pretty and eye catching.

About Author: Ellen DeLange has been fascinated by picture books ever since she was a child growing up in the Netherlands. In the attic of her home, she assembled a small library and shared her collection with friends and family. As an adult, she started traveling and expanded her library with picture books from all over the world. Ellen also enjoyed inventing her own stories and was encouraged by her daughter to write her first picture book, A Story with a Tale. Ellen has a doctorate in medical sciences and currently lives in Canada where she loves to walk in the woods with her Jack Russell terriers, drink lots of tea after a busy day, and sail on the ocean to clear her mind.

About Illustrator: I am Anna Lindsten an illustrator and a surface pattern designer based in Stockholm, where I live with my family and our dog Hilla. I’ve been lucky to work with clients from around the world, making illustrations and patterns for children’s books, magazines, fabric, packaging, print, & more. I am also a graphic designer and worked for many years with nonfiction- and textbooks for school. I’ve studied art history, visual communication, illustration, and design theory at university and art school, I also went to part-time photography school. I like to constantly evolve as an artist and take art classes as often as possible.


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