My review request are now opened again, it’s been over a year and I apologise for not having had them open, but life can be complicated and review requests can be time consuming.

I am now starting to go through requests I have received within this closed time and will be officially replying within the next couple weeks with a yes or no.

My what I read and how to contact me pages have been tweaked and updated so please so check them first before sending me an email request.

And as always do be patient with me for the replies to any new requests, I will do my best to reply as quickly as I can but life is tough and sometimes it’s not always easy. Plus I have a scatter brain and reply to emails in my head most of the time and forget to actually reply.

Thank you for visiting my blog, being patient with me and for requesting with me to read your book. Even if I say no to a request please know I really appreciated that you asked.


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