Synopsis: Grandma’s Baby is a beautiful tribute to grandmothers and how they get involved in all the meaningful and memorable experiences in life.

From the very beginning, grandmothers are there to provide comfort and support. Grandmas have the wisdom, experience, and time to spend enjoying the starry sky, offering a helping hand, and giving advice.

This story is an excellent read for children and how they enjoy their bond with their grandmothers and the unique nature of this family relationship.

Grandma’s Baby is a fun read for caregivers and parents to recognize the fantastic contributions grandmothers make in our lives. It’s a great book before bedtime, at school, or at daycare.

Release Date: 21st March 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Friendship, Family, Love, Children’s

Pages: 26

Thank you so much to booksgosocial and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review

Review: This is such a sweet book, it really depicts how precious and important grandmas can be in a young child’s life and that treasuring this time is important, grandparents always have so much love for their grandchildren and I love that it was the focus of this book.

The little boy loved doing everything he can with his grandma and she was his favourite person and I really love how the story flowed. It was rhythmic which I love as they are so much fun to read with children, the illustrations were really sweet and the story was really lovely.

This is a great book for little ones and for parents to share exactly how important the grandparents are and that time is precious with them. Seriously was so sweet.

About Author: Krystaelynne was born and raised in northern California. Never one to sit still and wait for life to come to her, she earned a handful of degrees ranging from Criminal Justice Administration to Political Science. Her work and curiosity took her across the country in pursuit of higher knowledge and a means to secure her future, both for herself and her family.

Krystaelynne has made a career in marketing and public relations and is a sought after voice in a crowded marketplace. Her unique insights and natural talent elevate her to one of the best in the business, a fact she takes great pride in as well as a dedication to staying ahead of trends to provide the best possible experience for her clients.

An established professional, Krystaelynne has always felt the quiet whisper to write. While she dreams of one day crafting the great American novel, she has focused her efforts on children’s books. Her reward comes from seeing the raw joy in children’s faces as they read her books. It is the motherly instinct of wanting every child to feel safe, loved, and cherished that compels her to provide the very best for her young readers.


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