Synopsis: In the beginning of time on planet Earth, trees, flowers, bushes and all other plants could walk, talk and live a happy life. One day, a visitor came to Earth with the intention of dominating the plants. Since then, the plants can no longer move. However, they are still alive!

What would have happened that day?

This book is part of the “Living Green” series, picture books for children that promote environmental awareness, respect and friendship.

Release Date: 3rd March 2022

Genres: Environmental, Plants, Picture Books, Children’s, Earth, Sci-fi, Climate

Pages: 28

Thank you so much to booksgosocial and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review

Review: This was weird, I thought it would be cute and maybe have a good lesson within it but honestly it was weird and didn’t make a lot of sense. The plants all moved and roamed the earth until a weird tin covered creature in a space ship decided they must own them and have them as slaves or else humanity will destroy them. Honestly was so weird.

I didn’t enjoy his book and I’m not sure that many children would either unfortunately. It was so very strangely written and didn’t really have much to share. It could have had a potential to be a good educational story. It’s a shame I didn’t like this one it could have been so cute. It did have illustrations throughout the pages which were interesting to look at.

About Author: When Florian Bushy visited the ECO-92 – Earth Summit in June 1992, his environmentalist side flourished. Since then, he has written books, produced short documentaries and sorted his recycling to make a difference in this world. Florian Bushy wants to show to the kids that environmental protection, friendship and mutual respect can change the future of their home, called Earth.


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