Synopsis: A Short Story Inspired by Balkan Folklore

When a strange man puts in a strange request at the bakery where she works, Riley must go on a mini-adventure to find one unusual ingredient. Along the way, she realizes that things are not always what they seem.

A micro-story.

Release Date: 17th April 2021

Genres: Teen, Young Adult, Folklore, Mythology, Retellings, Fantasy, Short Story, Magic, Fairytales.

Pages: 12

Thank you so much to Austen Johnson for the ebook copy to review.

Review: This was really intriguing and ended way too quickly. I love short stories but this one just needed and I wanted to know more. But alas, it was really very interesting and took you into a whole different folklore tale.

When Riley is asked by a man she has never met to bake him Yarrow bread she has to go seek it out, on the journey to find it another strange man tells her how to get the Yarrow. She had promised the Yarrow bread to both of them but it has consequences.

I loved how the author weaved this story together, it was really magical and felt like a classic folklore tale in how it was written. I loved Riley’s adventure and journey and the consequences she has to take were interesting. I really didn’t like the end though it was so abrupt and just done I didn’t think it would be over so quick.

This book is a really good folklore story so if you do love folktales I do highly recommend this one to you, you’ll get swept away and then wanting more after.

About Author: Austen Johnson is the pen name of L. Austen Johnson dedicated to short commercial fiction, including the Romancing the Holidays series and the folkloric short story “True Loaf.”

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