Synopsis: When Lola is accepted to a new school, Mama thinks it’s an excellent opportunity. Lola isn’t so sure, especially since it means changing schools in the middle of the school year! She’ll have to say goodbye to her old school and her old friends. Abuelita tries to convince Lola that she can conquer anything, but can Lola handle a new school all on her own?

Release Date: 1st August 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Family, Friendship, Change, Spanish, Growing up, New Things

Pages: 64

Thank you so much to Capstone and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Lola gets accepted into an academy school in the middle of a school year and doesn’t like change at all. Her Abuelita comes from Guatemala to make her transition much easier, giving her the strength she needs to upset used to her new changes.

I really loved that Lola grew through the story, she was really unconfident and really scared to say anything or try anything but then eventually things changed and she could make friends and talk in class and apologise when she’d been wrong.

I adored her family they were all so sweet and caring, her mom just wanted the best education for her and it was a rare opportunity to go to the school. I loved how much they loved and cared for each other, it was honestly really adorable.

This is such a sweet book, that is a great way to help a child moving to a new school, but it’s also just a fun and sweet read. It has really beautiful illustrations that I loved looking at throughout.

About Author: Keka Novales grew up in Guatemala City, Guatemala, which is located in Central America. Growing up, she wanted to be a doctor, a vet, a ballerina, an engineer, and a writer. Keka moved several times and changed schools, so she has plenty of experience being the “new kid”. Her grandparents had a vital role in her life. Abuelo was always making jokes, and Abuelita was helping everyone around her. Keka currently lives with her family in Denton, Texas.

About Illustrator: Gloria Félix was born and raised in Uruapan, a beautiful, small city in Michoacán, Mexico. Her home is one of her biggest inspirations when it comes to art. Her favorite things to do growing up were drawing, watching cartoons, and eating, which still are some of her favorite things to do. Gloria currently lives and paints in Los Angeles, California.


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