Synopsis: The continuing adventures of Ugo and Jack.. Book 2

Jack is visited once more, on his remote farm, by his friend from the spirit world, Ugo, who reintroduces him to the delights of Fire Fly Valley and the freedom beyond the limits of the physical world. Ugo has some important work for Jack which will decide the future and lives of several people. Jack is tasked with changing the outcomes for members of his family by appearing in a different physical world and saving others from a life of crime and prison. He is not limited to the present day as he is also transported into a mining town in the 1840s where his mission is to prevent a major disaster. How Jack responds to Ugo’s guidance will be crucial for many people who will depend on him.

Release Date: 25th June 2021

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Magic, Family, Historical, Friendship, Time

Pages: 110

Thank you so much to author Geoff Parton for the ebook to read and review.

Review: The story continues as we are once again with Jack who in his new path of life he created at the end of book one. He is still remembering Ugo the shimmering spirit he has been friends with over and over again through time. Soon Jack is summoned by Ugo to come and help him with problems throughout time that Jack is able to solve and put right.

Jack has two cases to assist on, one that inter-laps with his old life that he had previously. Two boys Wilbur and Frederick are up to trouble and Ugo and Jack have to sort it out, but things get a little dangerous. It was a little confusing in some of the section here, due to it being his new timeline and old time line interconnecting. It was really fascinating how everything unfolds, but I did get a little confused by the two two timelines merged together.

The second case was going back to the 1800’s to a mining farm and having to guide a boy called Bruce to help prevent a tragedy in the mines from happening. I really enjoyed this it was really unique as it’s the first time Jack did a mission and had almost been in his Ugo sort of phase. I really like the characters created in this section and it was a great glimpse into his life.

I really enjoyed this book, it literally was a perfect continuation from the first one with the magic of fire fly valley and the shimmering door, the expansion in Jack and Ugo. I loved that Jack picked up on what was going on quickly again, I loved seeing more of what Jack is and was through the Ugo timeline. He with Ugo were the perfect guides to help the three children that needed him, to put their lives back on the tracks they were supposed to be on.

This was another really great book in the series, it was deep again only this time we were getting deep into time and having a really unique perception of what time really is. In Ugos dimension time doesn’t exist everything is just the same, it’s really fascinating topic and gets pretty deep again within the story. I really loved going back to this adjacent world and seeing more of what they can do.


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