Synopsis: The imagination of an autistic child is full of amazing adventures. Follow Gabriella on the first of her journeys. Lilly, the fairy princess asks Gabriella for help to defeat the chocolate eating ogre that is devastating the land. Gabriella must find the courage to confront the ogre and teach him right from wrong.

Release Date: 8th May 2018

Genres: Picture Book, Imagination, Fantasy, Understanding, Disability, Autism, Autistic Child, Friendship, Family

Pages: 54

Thank you so much to Indigo River Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: This was so beautiful and magical, what a precious way of sharing a story about an autistic child and their deep wild imaginations that they just cannot share with others. It’s a great book for sharing and to helping other children understand them just a little bit more.

Gabriella escapes into her lands within her mind, saving the day, making friends and stopping chocolate eating monsters. These are just all in her mind and are her incredibly magical lands only she creates and can form with very little to start making the world. She sits quietly before others but her mind is having an adventure.

It such a sweet story and it’s illustrations were so adorable they looked hand drawn and were so cute, they really added an extra effect into the story. I love that a book about an autistic child like this exists it’s so important as so many children have it and so many children still don’t understand it.

This book a perfect book to share with a young child due to the lessons they could learn from it and understanding they could gain, but also because it was such a fun adventure and a really sweet to look at too.


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