This review may contain spoilers, though I do my best not to include any. Do keep that in mind if you haven’t yet watched the show.

Title: Punky Brewster (2021)

Rating: PG

Episode Runtime: 30 Minutes

Summary: A follow-up series to the 1980s sitcom about a young foster child named Punky. Now she’s grown up with kids of her own.

Cast: Soleil Moon Frye, Cherie Johnson, Quinn Copeland, Noah Cottrell, Oliver De Los Santos, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jasika Nicole and Conor Husting

Directors: Jim Armogida, Steve Armogida, David W. Duclon, Mona Agapion, Francesca Gailes, Jaqueline Gailes, Eugene Garcia-Cross, Sarah Jane Cunningham, Suzie V. Freeman, Jordan Black, Jimmy Fox, Kira Kalush, Jay Cogan, Clay Lapari and Robin Shorr

Writers: Jonathan Judge, Jody Margolin Hahn, Kelly Park, Katy Garretson, Phil Lewis and Jude Weng


A reboot on an 80’s classic sitcom, this was actually really good, very funny, great family dynamic, wholesome and I enjoyed watching it so much.

I loved that all the characters from the original show made an appearance within it, the connection they had is still so evident which I always love to see. So much time has passed since it aired so having them all be so close still is great.

It starts with Cherie asking Punky to take on a foster kid who is just like her, it’s a hard choice and her kids don’t want another sibling, but as Izzy moves in Punky, the kids and even her Ex all begin to get close with her and she becomes a prominent member of the family.

Izzy played by Quinn Copeland is hilarious and the best part of the show seriously the things she comes out with and how she acts off everyone else. She knows how to do comedy and she does it perfectly. She has so much personality and you cannot connect with her and want the best for her from the start, she’s so sweet and funny.

I loved the family dynamic they all worked so well and came across like a perfect yet not perfect family. They all loved each other but fought constantly, they were oddball, nuts and just a natural family. They were always there for each other they did anything to help and support each other, I really loved that dynamic.

I loved Punky and her ex Travis and from the start was shipping them, wanting them to actually get back together, he just came in and out of the house and was really funny and they clearly had a great connection still. Cherie and her girlfriend were so adorable and loved them together, such a cute couple.

The symmetry of this show to the original is wonderful. Punky and Izzy have the same heartbreaking background and similar story of how they wound up in foster care, similar personality and behaviour. They had that connection together and understood each other in a way the others didn’t understand.

The show was really funny, really easy to watch and a perfect sitcom and an incredible reboot. The characters are all funny and perfect together so quirky, but so realistic too. I’m just sad that it was only given one season it deserved to run for a lot longer.


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