Synopsis: Snowy is a tiny dwarf leading an almost normal life in the village of never-ending winter. Aside from the ever-dreary sky, living next to rowdy neighbors, and being treated like a child, nothing seems to pose a challenge.

All that changes when rumors about Snowy breaking a taboo spread. Disheartened at what he deemed betrayal and feeling stuck in his village, Snowy sneaks out to look for Originem, a village where misfortune befalls no one. However, the aftermath exceeds his wildest expectations.

Snowy finds himself in a magical world, suddenly dealing with the quaintest of things, from singing fruits and a wizard cat to dark woods (brimming with vicious beasts) and other villages locked in one season. But to reach his destination, Snowy, and his new friend, Kokoro, must first solve the mysteries surrounding the villages of everlasting seasons, as the secret that connects them may threaten their very existence.

Release Date: 1st October 2021

Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Adventure, Nature, Mythology, Animals, Magic, Friendship

Pages: 238

Thank you so much to author I. K. Silver for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Snowy is a grouchy dwarf that is fed up of his life in the winter village, with a story he read set in his mind he sets off to leave facing many challenges along the way and an outcast dwarf he befriends from the summer village. The two battle others, save villages and risk death at every village they enter.

These two dwarves go on such a crazy adventure, with sea monsters, trees of a life long paradise, a magic castle run by cats, a cursed town with memory problems and only maple syrup as food, a serpent who is deadly and a village with a ghost curse that steals youth. Together they become closer meeting many on the journey and seeing the disarray of every village they pass through.

The adventures were very interesting and I liked that they had to go through so much, two totally mismatched characters that were outcast and loners found a common ground in wanting to branch out and adventure. I did enjoy seeing them getting closer through each hardship they faced within each village.

The whole story they both were read like old grouchy old men, they never came across happy no matter what happened. There wasn’t really a single pleasant character in this story, everyone kind of came across rude, grouchy or mean even if they were doing something nice.

The battles and unfolding of worlds was interesting and I liked that we went round to all of them and I did like that they wanted to help to fix each village from everything that was wrong with them.

Overall I liked the story but it didn’t really grip me or excite me, it was a fun fantasy and adventure but it also was slow at times and the personalities for me became a bit off putting. Lots of repetitive things being commented on or said by different characters.

If you enjoy adventures and fantasy books, you probably would really enjoy it, there’s a lot of exploring and adventuring and always a new place or experience happening within each chapter. There’s magic and cats and talking trees and so much more to unfold which was all very fun to read about.

About Author: I.K. Silver is the author of Little Wanderers middle grade fantasy series. The first book in the series, Little Wanderers: The Everlasting Seasons, was released in 2021. I.K. Silver is currently working on the second book in the series (Little Wanderers: The Rose of Many Colours). As I.K. Silver is fond of nature, cats, and magic, you’ll find that reflected in her writing. Find out more at


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