This review may contain some spoilers though I do my best not to include any, if you haven’t seen this tv series yet please be aware.

Summary: An animated series based on the popular Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Title: Green Eggs and Ham

Run Time: 26 Minutes

Rating: U

Cast: Michael Douglas, Adam Devine, Keegan-Michael Key, Ilana Glazer,Diane Keaton, Jillian Bell, Dee Bradley Baker, Eddie Izzard and Jeffrey Wright

Directors: Cody Cameron, Adrian Redson, Piero Piluso, Lawrence Gong and Rodney G. Halls

Writers: Jared Stern, Brian Schachter, Dr.Seuss(Books), Mark Rizzo, John Whittington and Vanessa McGee


This is such an oddball show but is actually entertaining. It has the basic elements of the Dr Seuss book but isn’t really the same thing through most of it.

The story follows characters Guy am I an inventor that seems to not be able to invent well enough and is grumpy and down trodden, Sam I am a chatty overbearing but friendly and lonley character that wants to help the chickeraffe. Then we have Michellie the over protective bean counting mother that lets her daughter do nothing and lastly EB her daughter who loves adventure, being daring and exploring and wants a pet for some company. With the Bad Guys chasing after them to get the chickeraffe.

They are brought together as they are all going in the same place, Guy and Sam swap briefcases without realising it and Guy and Sam end up having to go together whilst Michellie is going to enter the bean counting contest all in the big city.

There is actually so much that happens and it changes each episode, there are so many twists and things you didn’t think about or see coming at all. The chickeraffe is adorable and hilarious and so sweet, incredibly unique. I loved how vibrant and daring EB was, you really root for her getting to be able to do more than her mom allows her too. I also really liked the friendships and relationships growing throughout, they start off distant and not close at all but it progresses with each episode.

The bad guys were hilarious and never gave up the search for the chickeraffe at all, they were always only one step behind them at every turn. You got to see glimpses of each characters personal lives and how sad they were to have gotten this way. Sam having no mom and Guy only having one invesntion seem to ever work without blowing up, losing his love of it.

I loved seeing some of the other books in the suess world be shown or mentioned. The story telling and the rhyming was amazing. The graphics within this show are beautiful. The show makes you laugh, makes you sad and makes you relax and enjoy the whole thing.

It’s a really creative and great series. It goes by really quickly whilst watching and I highly recommend it, you will have a great time watching and solving all that is going on.


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