This review may contain some spoilers though I do my best not to include any, if you haven’t seen this Tv series yet please be aware.

Summary: The series will center on the adventures of Sunny Starscout and her friends after the events depicted in the film.

Title: My Little Pony: Make Your Mark

Rating: U

Runtime: 44 Minutes

Cast: Jenna Warren, Ana Sani, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Joshua Graham, Aj Bridel and J.J. Gerber

Directors: William Lau

Writers: Gillian Berrow


The adventure continues in this start of the new series as Sunny hasn’t figured out her magic yet, Zip is fed up of her mother trying to make her a Princess she doesn’t want to be and everypony in mare town is having an event and annoyed at the invasion of flying and magic.

Zip notices something very wrong with the magic and I loved how certain and determined she was to figure it all out. I liked that Sunny wanted to make things work with everypony united but couldn’t figure out how to do it, but kept trying.

The animation was slightly different in this to the movie which was hard to get used too. The voice actors were noticeably different and was a bit off putting with how different they were. I did miss the original voices used in the movie as they just worked perfectly for them. I do love that they turned the lighthouse into a friendship room which was beautiful and they each had their own section.

It’s great we are getting a new series though it wasn’t as perfect as the movie, though it was still interesting and fun. I’m looking forward to seeing the continuation of this series later in the year.


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