Synopsis: Disney Princess Tiana is planning a surprise. Her daddy’s birthday is coming up and she wants to make him the best gumbo ever. But there’s one problem–she’s never made gumbo without her daddy’s help. Will Tiana be able to make her dream come true and give her father a gumbo he’ll be proud of?

Release Date: 2nd February 2018

Genres: Middle Grade, Disney, Disney Princess, Fairy Tales, Family, Friends,

Pages: 128

Review: Tiana has a delicious dream about the best gumbo ever and plans a surprise party for her dad’s birthday. To keep it secret she decides to prep it at her best friends house, but with an unusual ingredient she buys at the market her dreams were coming true, but things don’t go so well. With a bit of magic and love though she figures out what else she could do to make it the best ever for her dad.

This was utterly adorable and precious, Tiana is so cute and such a little dreamer, how much she loves her dad and wanting to give him the best celebration ever was so cute. She knew how to make her gumbo and just wanted it perfect. When things don’t go as she imagines she has no idea what to do and deems it all over. But gets the best guidance and help to make it as she dreamt.

I really loved meeting everyone in her small village and how they all cared for her and her dad just as much and that they would all do anything to help her. It was really sweet a beautiful community, one big family.

I loved seeing Lottie she’s so funny and always trying to do something to add magic into the mix and get Tiana interested in her fantasies that she always had.

This is honestly the most perfect story addition into Tiana’s world you see what her life was like with her family, what it was like with the people that surrounded her and her dreams and desires for the restaurant and how much love she has for the good food she can make.


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