Synopsis: Before she was Queen of Arendelle, Elsa was a young princess with a magical gift. Elsa cannot wait to spend time with her family at their summer home. Her powers seem to be getting stronger every day, and their family vacation seems to be the perfect opportunity to test out her icy abilities. But while Anna can spend all day playing outside, Queen Iduna tells Elsa she must continue her lessons to prepare for her future as Queen. As magical mishaps seem to happen more and more, Elsa begins to wonder if she has what it takes to one day become Queen of Arendelle and if the powers she always believed made her special might be a curse after all…

Release Date: 3rd March 2020

Genres: Middle Grade, Disney, Disney Princess, Magic, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Family, Friendship

Pages: 128

Review: I love Elsa but this wasn’t really what I was expecting from the story, it was still really good but I thought it would be better.

The family have all gone to their sommerhaus for a family holiday. Elsa thinks she’ll just get to play and have fun but then is told she still has to do all her practice for queen duties and lessons. When she does get time to play she uses her magic something she is still learning and doesn’t understand yet. Then after Anna hears the story of the snow hare and his good luck her imagination is set free.

Okay I liked we got to see a glimpse at Elsa struggling to understand her magic, that she wasn’t skilled with it but loved using it, she was trying so hard to use it safely and found it hard to do.

I loved seeing the girls together when they were young and having minds full of imagination and wonder, so cute. I always love back story for the Disney characters and this gave you a fair amount and seeing them as best friends too was so sweet.

This still wasn’t really the story I was expecting, I thought it would have some sort of thrilling adventure but it didn’t really. The story was still interesting but it just wasn’t exciting really.


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