Synopsis: Wanda desperately wants to be brave like her big brother Zane, but it’s not easy. When the Coaster of Doom opens at the local amusement park, Wanda is determined to show her brave. With all eyes on her, Wanda must find the confidence to be her own kind of brave. Mixing humor with themes of self-awareness and responsible decision making, author Janet Sumner Johnson shows the importance of thinking for yourself, being confident in your own beliefs, and accepting differences in others. Johnson proves that everyone has their own kind of brave, and that’s totally okay.

Release Date: 1st August 2022

Genres: Picture Books, Fears, Family, Friendship, Confidence, Courage

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Capstone and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: That was so cute, Wanda is scared of doing most things and sees how brave her brother is, her friends and brother are all wanting to ride the roller coaster of doom but Wanda isn’t brave enough. Wanda works really hard for so long doing brave things hoping that next time they go she can ride the roller coaster of doom.

I loved that this book showed you can be brave in many different ways. That bravery isn’t just riding the scariest thing there is, but showing that you can do other things that are just as hard and brave.

I loved the illustrations in this book they were so sweet and I really liked the lessons it taught to children about bravery. Such a great book to read with a child that might have fears or doesn’t feel confident to be brave about something, this could help them a lot to over come it like Wanda did.

About Author: Janet Sumner Johnson lives in Utah with her husband and three kids. She bakes a mean cinnamon twist and eats way more cookies than are good for her, which explains her running habit. Though her full-time occupation as evil tyrant/benevolent dictator (aka mom) takes most of her time, she sneaks in writing at night when her inner funny bone is fully unleashed.


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