Synopsis: Ugo and Jack book 3 continues on with the amazing adventure. In a parallel universe, Andi, Jack’s niece, takes on the task of Elizabeth, after the latter’s accident that placed Elizabeth in the transit world two hundred years earlier.
Andi, the new Elizabeth, known only to Ugo Jack and Rrrr, needs to complete unfinished tasks.

Release Date: 26th April 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Historical, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Family, Time Travel

Pages: 100

Thank you so much to author Geoff Parton for the ebook to read and review.

Review: The third book I this series sees Jack aged and older telling stories of his life to his niece Andi who is curios and very similar to him. He starts to tell her the stories of Fire Fly Valley and of all the he can do, preparing her for what is to come.

Andi enters the world being confused and endured with stories and happenings she cannot comprehend at all. Though is needed with Jack on a mission and is sent in before she is ready to undertake the task.

This was interesting, it was like starting over again with Andi but she had Jack there to help guide her the whole way. When Jack leaves to do something alone, it puts her in a dangerous path and she has no idea what to do about it. Jack and Ugo are unable to help but then her life is put on the trajectory it was always supposed to be on.

I really liked this new addition to the story, exploring it all with Andi, and her confusion of everything. She believed and she went along with it but was utterly left in confusion over every event that had happened to her.

It was different to the previous two books but also felt very much the same,in liked that you can get into it all the same, that you can follow into that same dimension again. It was really deep and delved into the time, death, multiple lives, changing of events stories we’d read before, but also we start to explore a whole new one through AndI’s end.

It left on a cliffhanger, leaving you not sure where the story will go to next, it great though as it will get you to need to read the next one in the series. If you by now haven’t given this series a read you really should. They are really fascinating and very unique, they have you thinking and send you on an adventure at the very same time.

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