Synopsis: From the signs of the zodiac to literature and art, the influence of world mythology can still be seen in everyday life. With a stunning array of fascinating tales, World Mythology in Bite-Sized Chunks gets to grips with the ancient stories of Aboriginal, Sumerian, Egyptian, Mesoamerican, Maori, Greek, Roman, Indian, Norse, and Japanese cultures, encompassing legends from the most diverse societies and the most ancient cultures from across the globe. Learn about why Odin, the Father of the Gods in Norse mythology, was so keen to lose an eye, the importance of the Osiris myth of Ancient Egypt, and much more besides. Entertaining, authoritative, and incisive, this is an enlightening journey into the fascinating world of mythology.

Release Date: 7th January 2016

Genres: Mythology, Religious, Astrology, History, War, Gods and Goddess, World Mythology, Religion, Non-Fiction, Reference, Anthology, Spirituality, Education.

Pages: 224

Review: This was interesting sharing the stories of the world in mythology how each culture created it and had ideas of the start of the world, how to live their lives and the gods and goddess’ that ran it and what things they all did.

This is an intriguing book due to the content, being taught all about the mythologies of the world but in an easier to take in way. Though it did seem that it was pretty basic in places, though it was bite size they still could have had a bit more detail in some of the sections. Some of the stories felt rushed over and that you didn’t really get a full idea of what they were actually about, which was a bit sad. I certainly would have enjoyed some more facts for some sections of this book.

The other problem I had was that it is called world mythology however the whole worlds mythology wasn’t included just the more popularised ones, which is still great but there are so so many more mythological stories that could have been included and would have made this book a bit more fascinating.

If you are looking for a book on mythology that will tell you what you need to know quickly that this would be good for that. It was really easy to read and got to the point of each story, it’s a good easy way to lead up to a topic if you are teaching it to someone, they get enough to learn from and then they can further detail it themselves.

It was a very interesting book and I did learn from it about some mythology facts I hadn’t known before, which is great that is the point of it. Still it could have been a little bit better than it was also and given a bit more of a world view of mythological stories.


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