Synopsis: Following along with the the exciting adventures of Ugo and Jack book 4.

Elizabeth’s two boys William and Henry, discover the devilish little creature named Rrrr, who takes them on a journey to the forbidden forest.

There they find a hidden entrance to Fire Fly Valley, where they discover a strange world, that takes them into timelessness.

Rrrr shows the boys the Future Pond, where the boys get a glimpse of their personal futures.

Ugo appears as a sailor… While Eli’s ship is moored, the boys and Ugo, prevent a major attack on Eli’s ship, saving many lives.

At the same time, this scares the life out of one of the sailors, when he sees the transformation of the sailor, into a huge semi-transparent figure, called Ugo.

Release Date: May 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Time Travel, Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Magic, Time, Friendship, Historical

Pages: 96

Thank you so much to author Geoff Parton for the ebook to read and review.

Review: This book was so different to its predecessors and so interesting, we are stuck very far in the past continuing on Elizabeth/Andi’s story where we now see her as a grown adult having lived out the life and is a mother to two twelve year old boys who have a massive role to play out in the future.

It was really interesting the boys being the centre and having such an important higher purpose but they could only be given a glimpse at it, not being able to know much or explore much like we had previously seen for others in this series. I really liked that they were intuitive and that’s what lead them to where they needed to be, that they already learnt a skill for their future without knowing of it also. It was really creatively done and so sneaky that they learnt some but didn’t learn it all.

Andi/Elizabeth played a smaller role in this one as her purpose and reason for taking over Elizabeth’s life was simple she had to just create these boys, she’d been left alone and not had many Ugo or Jack visits which was really sad as they left her there alone to live out another’s life. She was kept away from her old or future life not knowing how Andi was doing in the other world. It was really sad for her really, though she liked her life I still felt really sad for her.

I really have been enjoying this series it’s really unique and so very different, it takes on an interesting journey through time, alternate dimensions and the ability to change or alter what we already know to be. It ropes you in and leaves you needing to know what comes next in the series.

I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a fun fantasy esc series, you will be sent straight into this alternate world, learning so much along the way and be getting your mind whirring with thoughts. You’ll sink straight in and enjoy this world of wonder, with such unique characters like Ugo.


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