Synopsis: Holly can’t wait to watch her friend, Puck the fairy pony, compete in the Rainbow Races. But when an enchanted storm is unleashed over Pony Island, ruining the races, the home of the fairy ponies is threatened with darkness for ever…

Release Date: 1st February 2014

Genres: Children’s, Fairies, Magic, Ponies, Friendship, Bullying, Fantasy, Young Readers,

Pages: 96

Review: The fairy ponies are getting ready for the fun rainbow races, now that Puck is old enough to Enter he brings Holly the only human allowed in their land through the oak tree to be with him. Then an evil ponie called Shadow unleashes an ancient casket of storms and darkness. No one knows how to stop it but Puck and Holly are determined to find a way.

I loved this it was soo cute, I love stories with such magical worlds like this, it’s so magical. The beautiful little town gets over run in cold and darkness, I loved that Holly and Puck cared so much about each other their friendship was amazing. So even though they were struggling, they were cold and fearing nothing good was coming they still were there for each other as first priority.

The illustrations within this book were outstanding and so utterly gorgeous all black and white, but with stunning purple accenting that it made them stand out so much and they were just gorgeous.

I really enjoyed this story it was short and sweet, it had a conflict, it had magic, it had a little mystery, it had a great friendship and it had fun. It’s a great easy read.

About Author: Zanna writes fiction and non-fiction for Usborne. Her favourite things to write about are small monsters and talking animals. She used to live in London but now lives in a cottage on the edge of some woods. She is only sorry there are no bears or witches in them.


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