Synopsis: Where do Princesses go to school? The Princess Academy! There they learn all they need to know about becoming a proper Princess. With dramas and tiaras, this series is full of things for young readers to identify with and enjoy. Each story revolves around the six members of the Tiara Club, Princesses Emily, Katie, Daisy, Charlotte, Sophia and Alice, and follows their adventures as they pass through each level of schooling, from Grade 1 (How to behave at a Grand Ball) to Grade 6 (How to deal with a Wicked Fairy).

Release Date: 6th October 2005

Genres: Middle Grade, Children’s, Fairy, Magic, Princess, Friendship, Illness, School

Pages: 80

Review: It’s time for the princess to be told if they will qualify to be joining the Tiara Club, an exclusive club for the best princesses at the school. Their best teacher fairy G is sick and has to leave, the substitute teachers who is a fairy godmother in training comes and wows them with her magic. She is still new and she doesn’t have much but Emily has a way of getting it back for her and bringing back their favourite teacher.

I liked that the girls were all really close and had such a great friendship between them all. I liked that they all helped each other even if they couldn’t get into the Tiara Club. I also really liked how much they cared for and liked their teacher that they just wanted to bring her back. It was really sweet.

The story itself was honestly nothing too exciting, it was a good enough read and was cute, with a cute friendship. It has what you’d expect from a book of this type, plus it was an easy and quick read with a simple storyline.

About Author: Vivian June Isoult French MBE was born in 1945 and educated at Exeter University. Vivian French was best known in school for being extremely skinny and for talking a lot. At school she developed an attachment to words and later became an actor, then a storyteller, and finally a writer of children’s books. She is the author of more than two hundred books. Ms. French lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has four grown daughters.


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