Synopsis: Meet Lizzie and Lucky: a sparky young detective and her loyal Dalmatian sidekick! The first title in a brand new illustrated series from beloved animal author Megan Rix.

Lizzie is desperate for a dog. In order to convince her parents to get one, she has to come up with 101 reasons why she needs one. Lizzie is a master at making lists, so thinking of 101 reasons is going to be easy! Especially as she is deaf and could train one to be her hearing dog. But as Lizzie begins compiling her list, she witnesses an adorable puppy being snatched away and put into a van by a mysterious-looking man. Can Lizzie solve the case – and maybe find herself a loyal friend at the same time…?

Release Date: 4th March 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Deafness, Mystery, Crime, Friendship, Animals, Dogs, Sign Language,

Pages: 176

Review: Lizzie wants a dog more than anything in the world and is creating a list of 101 reasons why she should have one. While walking a neighbours dog she sees a suspicious man, with unanswered questions she must figure it out, then she spots him again and senses he is bad. Lucky a small puppy escapes him and goes to Lizzie, but she has to solve who this bad man is and why he has so many puppies.

I loved this, Lizzie is so utterly adorable and creating a long list to convince her parents of why she needs a dog was super cute. I really loved her friendship with people in their town and that she helped to look after all their pets, she was such a sweet girl.

Lucky and Lizzie’s relationship together is so cute. Lucky instantly loved her and cared for her and Lizzie did the same. They solved a crime together and it was so precious.

I really love that this series features characters that are deaf it’s so nice to find books with that kind of representation, there are literally not many others I can think of. It also teaches children or anyone reading how to learn to sign themselves which is so sweet.

The illustrations in this book are really beautiful. The story is so sweet and has a lot of great friendship and kindness. The mystery is really fun and I loved how she solves it really naturally and I love Lucky she’s cutest Pupper.

About Author: Megan Rix is the hugely popular author of animal adventure books set in the modern day and key periods of history. An animal lover and dog-trainer, Megan draws inspiration from her own adorable dogs Traffy, Bella, Freya and Ellie, and many fascinating and extraordinary animal stories to engage her readers.

About Illustrator: Tim Budgen is a freelance illustrator and Art teacher. He’s illustrated Pugicorn and the Magic Pet Shop series, the Lizzie and Lucky series by Megan Rix, 20 Dinosaurs at Bedtime by Mark Sperring and many more amazing children’s books. For much of his life he has been scribbling down ideas and can usually be found with a pencil in one hand and a sketchbook in the other! He lives by the sea on Hayling Island, England, with his wife Julia.


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