Synopsis: Friendships, loyalty and online anonymity are tested when four of the best young gamers in the world find themselves immersed in the world of their favourite video game, Distant Dawn.

Jack, Megan, Ayo and Cameron are the Raid Mob: four teenage misfits whose lifelong friendship involves obsessing over old films, surviving school bullies … and secretly being four of the best gamers on the entire planet.

When the release of radical VR technology draws them deeper than ever into Distant Dawn, the Raid Mob’s precious online anonymity is shattered. Now, they’ve got everyone’s attention. Including that of an extra-terrestrial menace who’s been watching them from across the stars …

About the Game Over series: Game Over is a reality-bending, adventure series that tells the story of the Raid Mob: four teenage misfits who happen to be world-class gamers, until radical technology plucks them from their anonymous existence and hurls them deep into a revolutionary virtual realm. Exploring the worlds of online gaming and virtual reality, and with graphical elements throughout, this four-book series is perfect for teen gamers and sci-fi lovers aged 12+

Release Date: 7th July 2022

Genres: Teen, Young Adult, Gaming, Adventure, Friendship, Mental Health, Fantasy,

Pages: 352

Thank you so much to Sweet Cherry Publishing/ Clock Tower Books for the Physical arc to read and review.

Review: Firstly this is not a book I would generally choose to read personally, I am not into robots or aliens at all nor into gaming either, I’m not really the target for this book at all. But I was kindly sent this to read so I gave it a shot.

If you have a gamer in your life though this is definitely something they will absolutely love and enjoy reading, they will get sunk into the game as if they were playing. It’s so vivid, action packed taking the characters right into the war, gore and adventure of the game.

The reader will connect instantly with the characters and the growing friendship throughout the story. The characters are real and written as so, dealing with school bullies, mental health, neuro-divergence, poverty and more issues these teens are going through. The gaming world connects them and helps them form a strong growing bond.

If you are like me and not into this type of book generally you will find you may not get all the references within the book, it is very much a gamers only book. It’s is incredible though if you are into this type of thing. It is so creatively and craftily written by a clear gaming fan. The book does go into the dangers of anonymous gaming with not knowing who you are playing with but done in a way that won’t throw off the reader.

This book is one I would definitely recommend to a gamer, even a reluctant reader who struggles to find books they enjoy but who loves gaming will love this book and be diving into it so quickly. It’s so vivid they will feel like they are playing themselves and be so swept up in the story and the friendship and the game. They will also be annoyed wanting to read the next book after this one is over.

About Author: M. J. Sullivan (FRSA) was born in Stockport, UK. He works as a primary school teacher, an educational and creative consultant, and an author.

He is also a raging nerd. He’s been playing computer games since he was big enough to wiggle a joystick, and his love of gaming, pop culture and all things geek inspired him to write the Game Over series.

When he’s not writing (or gaming), M. J. Sullivan enjoys building Lego, re-arranging his action figure collection, and playing superheroes with his son.


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