Synopsis: Jaya and her friends are desperate for a puppy of their own. They’ve even created Puppy Club to find out all they need to know. When the time comes they’ll be the perfect owners!

Jaya, Willow, Harper and Elsa all dream of having a dog. So when Jaya’s aunt, who runs Underdogs Rescue Centre, tells Jaya that new dog Lulu is expecting puppies it feels like the girls’ best chance to get their parents to agree. It’s time for Operation Paw-fect Puppy!

Along with new Puppy Club members, Arlo and Daniel, the children set about trying to prove to their parents what responsible owners they’d be. But will it be enough to persuade them?

Release Date: 4th August 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Animals, Dogs/Puppies, Friendship, Family, Children’s Books

Pages: 128

Thank you so much to Stripes Publishing/ Little Tiger Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Jaya and her group of friends are all dog and puppy crazy but none of them have a puppy for their own. Jaya’s aunt gets a dog rescue come in that is pregnant with six puppies and all the children decided to find a way to convince their parents to let them each have one of her puppies.

I really loved the group of friends they were all so individual and different to each other which have their friendship group such an amazing dynamic. They were the perfect group of best friends. I adored how much they wanted to help each other and help find ways to convince their parents.

They were all really smart and responsible children and I like that even though they were it wasn’t an easy yes from their parents as having a dog is a responsibility, I love that is book will teach that to children reading that may also be wanting a puppy.

I do highly recommend this book, its a great young reader book, it’s really easy and fun to read, the characters are all amazing, the illustrations are beautiful and it teaches them a lot about puppies and care for puppies but in a really fun way.

About Author: Catherine Jacob lives in a very old, noisy house in York where she tries to squeeze in as much story writing time as possible, in between looking after her three lovely (ever so slightly mischievous) children and occasionally appearing on TV reporting the news. She loves singing, drawing, and writing in rhyme while drinking mugs of steaming hot tea. (Not all at the same time!)

About Illustrator: From a young age Rachael Saunders has always loved to draw, so she feels extremely blessed to now have her hobby become a career. With a strong interest in the rich printed aesthetic of 1960’s children’s books, her work explores colour, shape and texture in a vibrant and humorous manner. Rachael is based in Hampshire, UK.


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