Synopsis: Book 2 in the fun 1920s detective series starring twin sisters Christie and Agatha!

“His intent is more than clear: he’d rather see me and my car lost, than for us to reach the summit.”

Many are unhappy about Mr. Alexander Jr’s daring drive to the summit of Ben Nevis, but who is trying to sabotage the record-setting expedition? Willing passengers, Christie and Agatha are keen to embark on a rip-roaring adventure, but soon they’re embroiled in a thicker plot than they bargained for.

About the Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency series:

It’s not easy growing up in the 1920s. While Christie can usually be found up a tree or trying a spot of amateur engineering, her shy twin Agatha buries her nose in books and dreams of being a writer. The pair couldn’t be more different. But when a scientific discovery goes missing, they find that together they make a winning combination and Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency is born. Join the twin detectives as they solve thrilling mysteries all over the world!

Release Date: 30th August 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Historical, Mystery, Adventure, Friendship, Crime.

Pages: 128

Review: Sir Alexander Jr is taking his American motor vehicle up to the top of the mountain to advertise it. He knows people are angry and don’t want him to do it, so when things get sabotaged it’s a good thing that Christie and Agatha managed to get there and help him solve who is doing all the sabotaging.

I loved that Christie really got to shine in this book, from figuring out who was causing all the damage to the vehicle, to getting to be in the car and sharing her love an knowledge with Sir Alexander about the vehicle. It was really adorable just how much she loved all of this adventure.

It was really fun, they had a long journey getting the car to the top of the mountain and no one believed it was going to happen. Some also didn’t want it to happen, getting in the way constantly. As a team again they managed to solve the crimes that were going on around them and have fun too.

I really love this series, Agatha and Christie are seriously adorable and so incredibly smart. They are so different to each other which helps them notice different things in each case. I really adore reading this series.

If you are looking for a fun historical mystery I highly highly recommend this series, they are so easy and exciting and fun to read. The illustrations throughout are absolutely stunning. You’ll have so much fun with Agatha and Christie.

About Author: Pip Murphy is a British author who lived her early life in England on the Wirral. She has loved reading her whole life. She read every book in her primary school, some of them more than once!

Pip studied Classics at Edinburgh University, before relocating to Tokyo, Japan where she currently teaches English. She believes that humour and creativity are the best ways to learn.


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