Identical at Nottingham Playhouse on 10th August 2022 (Matinee Show)


Engaging, Heartwarming, sensationally sung and acted with so much heart you’ll connect so deeply and you’ll cry.

If you’ve ever been a fan of The Parent Trap be it the book or the movies then it’s a show you must see. It captures the book so accurately bringing it to life, while also adding small touches of the movies too.

The show is beautiful, delicate and heartwarming, with a cast chosen so perfectly it feels real. With beautiful costumes and an amazing but simple set, new age tech that is so creative, choreography that will leave you in awe. This show has so much to offer and I guarantee you will love it.

Photo of Kyla & Nicole Fox – Photo by Pamala Raith

Our leading ladies Kyla and Nicole Fox who play Lisa and Lottie are talented way beyond their years, they held this whole show and did something many adults could never do and did it with such maturity and talent. In case you aren’t sure what I’m referring to it is that they are on stage practically every scene, many of the times alone or just the two of them and I’m in total awe of these girls for that. It’s no easy job but they made it seem easy as they were pro’s on that stage, holding and carrying the show.

Their portrayal of the roles were beautifully done, they gave the characters such innocence and you fell in love with them instantly. They are utterly adorable and will melt your heart with their cuteness. They told the story so well, tugging at your heart so much, delivering some of the most hilarious lines. Their connection with each other was undeniable and you could see they were truly best friends it was so precious.

The girls voices were beautiful and soft which added to their innocence, I adored ‘You’re My Sister’, (which is now my favourite song from this show) it made me tear up it was such a sweet show of connection, their voices together were stunning and it was so sweet listening to them singing.

Their connection with the parents played by Emily Tierney and James Darch was so deep and seamless they fitted together perfectly. These girls are undeniably talented and I’m so glad that I got to witness their portrayal of this story. There’s no doubt in my mind that these girls will have an incredible career as they are such phenomenal performers.

Photo of Kyla & Nicole Fox, James Darch and Emily Tierney

The mother Lisalotte played by Emily Tierney, what a beautiful woman, she made me weep the most in this show adding so much emotion into her songs and scenes. Most especially the scene where she finds out about her daughter’s oh my goodness the tears fell hard. She portrays her so delicately, she is so gentle and loving and adores her daughters wholeheartedly. Her voice is so soft and beautiful and I loved listening to her. Her connection with the girls was gorgeous, and their voices worked so well together.

The father Johan played by James Darch is such an outstanding all round actor. He portrayed the character perfectly with his soft loving fatherly side, but also his gruffness that his two lives were being interrupted as his daughter and fiancé were butting heads and not getting on as he hoped for. I love how he captured this character and showed the multiple sides of him. The piano composing scene between he and Lisa/Lottie was beautiful singing ‘Making It Up As We Go Along’ it showed the deeper connection between the two, it was a stunning scene.

Photo of Gabrielle Lewis-Dodson – Photo by Pamala Raith

Miss Gerlach/ the witch played by Gabrielle Lewis-Dodson, what a talent, she portrayed the villain so incredibly and she and Lottie/Lisa were the perfect antagonists to each other. The scene where they are arguing and singing ‘What He Doesn’t Need’ with each other over Johan was one of my favourites of the whole show and the two of them together were incredible, such a great scene. Her dancing in the ballet had me in awe, it was utterly stunning, mesmerising and wow I’m still a bit speechless at how gorgeous that scene was. She is such a sensational dancer and I’m so happy I got a chance to see her dance, it was so beautiful.

Photo of Ellie Nunn and the Children Cast – Photo By Pamala Raith

Ellie Nunn who played Miss Ulrike gave us the most beautiful opening number ‘In The Summer’, it was a stunning opening. It set the camp scene right away and instantly made you feel like you were there with her. Bringing out the children and starting us off on this beautiful story.

The children playing the best friends were amazing, i believe I saw Parrine Long, Kirsten Muzvuru and Helena Middleton. I loved the friendship we saw between them and Lisa during camp. It was shorter than I would have liked as I would have loved a little more at camp than we were given, but was still really sweet. These girls also all did multiple roles and set moving alongside an incredible children’s ensemble, it was amazing and choreographed incredibly with so many children. I did notice we were one friend short we had no Gerda and also had no Gretel in the ballet, not sure why she wasn’t there but I did notice her absence.

I was surprised at how little we saw of the dog, I know dog actors are hard to train so I totally understand not using it much, however the dog does portray a big part in the books story so would have loved seeing how he knows the difference between the girls before anyone else a bit more.

Photo of James Darch & Gabrielle Lewis-Dodson – Photo by Pamala Raith

The costumes were utterly stunning, capturing the era to a tee, those dresses in the party scene were gorgeous. The set was simple but so beautifully crafted, aided by the insanely creative special effects that all moved and interchanged between scenes, we also had storms, tress blowing in the breeze, leaves falling down and a tram going by in the background. What an interesting and creative addition to this show. The sound effects were at times really extremely loud and made you jump out of your skin as you had no idea they were coming. With the storm scene and the nightmare scene you are scared instantly.

The songs were all absolutely beautiful and I loved each one of them, they captured the story perfectly, telling it with a sweet gentleness and they made you feel everything and weep at times. They were so beautifully created with a great orchestra giving us the gorgeous music along side them. I want a cast recording with this whole cast, I want to be able to listen to these songs over and over again. So please can you make one with this incredible cast thank you.

I loved this show so much, it was so beautifully created, so heartwarming, the connections and songs draw you in instantly. The twins were so beyond talented and I will remain in awe of these girls talent forever. The parents were incredible such a deep and personal connection they formed with each other and the girls it was stunning. The songs and music were all so great and help tell this beloved story so perfectly. I’m so honoured that I got the chance to witness such an incredible beautiful dream of a show. I won’t ever forget this experience of seeing it.

I would love to see this show go on a full tour all round the U.K. it will reach so many more families and people that grew up loving the Parent Trap and be accessible to lots more people also. Though I know the rumour is to get it on the West End which would still be great for this show and would reach people there too. Either way It will be a great way to continue telling this beautiful story and letting it live on for longer.

If you can go and see it I 100% advise that you do, it has almost ended it’s run at Nottingham Playhouse will be there until the 14th August before moving to Manchester at The Lowry from 19th August to 3rd September. You don’t want to miss this beautiful production.


The Twins:

Kyla & Nicole Fox as Lisa & Lottie

Emme & Eden Patrick as Lisa & Lottie

Savannah & Sienna Robinson as Lisa & Lottie

The Adult Cast:

Emily Tierney as Lisalotte

James Darcher as Johan

Gabrielle Lewis-Dodson as Miss Gerlach

Louise Gold as Roza & Miss Muthesius

Michael Smith-Stewart as Dr. Strobl

David Bardsley as Franz & Mr. Bernau

Rosie Glossop as Miss Linekogel, Ensemble & Cover Roza/ Miss Muthesius

Ellie Nunn as Miss Ulrike, Mizzi & Cover Lisalotte

Dominic Adam Griffin as Handsom Climber, Ensemble & Cover Johan

Jordan Isaac as Cover Mr. Bernau/Franz/Handsome Climber, Ensemble & Dance Captain

Paige Fenlon as Cover Miss Gerlach & Ensemble

Hannah Cauchi as Cover Miss Ulrike/ Mizzi & Ensemble

Rutendo Mushonga as Ensemble

Rico Bakker as Ensemble

The Children Cast:

Parrine Long as Trude & Anni

Kirsten Muzvuru as Brigitta & Hansel

Helena Middleton as Steffi

Daisy Jeffcoate as Gerda, Elsa & Gretel

Winter Jarrett Glasspool as Brigitta & Hansel

Poppy Pawson as Gerda, Elsa & Gretel

Isabelle Larrey as Trude

Saffie Layla as Steffi & Anni

The Nottingham Children Ensemble:

Lara Aznar

Phoebe Buckley

Holly Clarke

Skye Cooke

Freya Corbett

Ivy Deakin

Skye Grimsey

Ellie Hancock

Olivia Hibberts

Olive Jefford

Delinda Lee

Celene Maddy

Grace Maddy

Eloise Money

Olivia Moore

Olivia Grace Nkala

Sienna Parkin

Sahasra Peddi

Daisy Perry

Tamarii Peter

Ava Pownall

Shanaya Singh

June Scott

Esmie Smith-Cockayne

Adreanna Steventon-Todd

Amelie Walmsley

Olivia Waterfall

Sephora Wenazo

The Creatives and Crew:

Erich Kästner – Book Writer

Stuart Paterson – Book

George Stiles – Music

Anthony Drewe – Lyrics

Director- Trevor Nunn

Matt Cole – Choreographer

Robert Jones – Set Designer

Jonathan Lipman – Costume Designer

Douglas O’Connell – Video Designer

Johanna Town – Lighting Designer

Paul Gatehouse – Sound Designer

Caroline Humphris – Musiccal Supervisor

Tom Curran – Orchestrator

Anne Vosser – Casting Director

Jo Hawes – Children’s Casting Director & Administrator

Richard Mawbey – Wig and Hair Designer

Digby Robinson – Production Manager

Martha Geelan – Associate Director (With the Children)

Jane McMurtrie – Associate Choreographer

Charlie Smith – Associate Sound Designer

Madeleine Edis – Assistant Costume Designer / Costume Supervisor

David Gallagher – Orchestral Manager

Tamara Saringer – Musical Director

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