Synopsis: Join two best friends as history is made in 1585. When Nell and Kat – who work in rivalling courts – meet by chance, an unlikely friendship blossoms. But tensions are high and the rivalry between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots is at breaking point… Can Nell and Kat keep their friendship alive and trust one another, even when so many of those around them are losing their heads? Packed with fascinating historical details and fantastic black-and-white line illustrations throughout! Reading Age: 6-9 year olds

Release Date: 7th January 2021

Genres: Historical, Friendship, Middle Grade, Royalty, Factual, Educational

Pages: 128

Review: Two girls who are servants for the the two queens meet and start sending letters to each other about what is going on at court, in exile and between both queens who detest each other.

I liked that it was all letters, it was really clever and it worked to tell the story that way, seeing both sides of the royal dispute through the eyes of its staff. I really enjoyed the friendship between the girls that was building with each letter, they were so cute.

The story was pretty scary in places with the girls passing letters while a conspiracy was happening and everyone was suspected as spies I found I kept fearing that Nell was going to get caught or that Kat’s letters would be read and found. They were very risky which was fun to read but also a bit scary for them.

This was a fun way to learn about the history of the two queen rivals, I liked that it had facts at the end of the book too. Though the footnotes were helpful I do wish they would have been at the end of the book in a fact file instead. The up and down whilst trying to stay in the story was pretty irritating.

This is a great book and a series of them too all about history and events that have happened all through the eyes of two friends sending letters to each other. It’s a great, easy and fun way of learning.


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