Summary: The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the nineteenth century American Midwest.

Title: Little House on The Prairie

Rating: 12

Runtime: 1 Hour

Cast: Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Lindsay Sidney Greenbush, Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Katharine McGregor, Dabbs Greer, Richard Bull, Bonnie Bartlett, Victor French, Kevin Hagen, Jonathan Gilbert and Alison Arngrim.

Directors: Michael Landon, William F. Claxton, Victor French, Leo Penn, Alf Kjellin, Lewis Allen and Victor Lobl

Want to read my Review of Season 1 & 2


I’m continuing my rewatch of Little House on the Prairie, seeing this whole show differently so am writing up my reviews of it. As this show is older I won’t holdback on spoilers so I can go into details I want too.

So many changes happened in the change over of just one season. The girls all three got new more grown up outfits, Mary is officially dating and gets engaged and a house starts to be built. Laura is competing in horse races and actually having a full on battle with Nellie. Carrie is talking now and getting storylines. The show starts to actually focus on more with the kids.

We also see Charles as a kid and his family relationship which isn’t great and actually explained a lot about the way he treats his family. But it was sad that his mom who he loved died and he didn’t get to say a goodbye nor did she get to see her gran kids again, that was really sad storyline.

Mary I still don’t like this girl much, she’s always so mean even though everyone around her acts like she is perfect, she’s not. She was completely rude to her sister which caused a huge problem of Carrie falling down an old hidden mine shaft and almost dying down there as they couldn’t get to her. It’s ridiculous she got no punishment for neglecting her and causing it all. At the start of the season we see a more grown up Mary who has fallen in love and ready to be married and that all falls apart due to his dreams and he goes to college. Then at the end of the season she gets sick and has to have such huge surgery it takes a strain out on her whole family, but is an important storyline for later seasons.

Laura is growing up a lot still daydreaming over boys she likes, still butting heads with Willie. She and Nellie finally actually have a huge battle with each other, but she does find herself getting used by Nellie over and over again within this series. I hated everything that went on with her horse, in a matter of a few episodes Laura was finding her dreams back with Bunny, being able to ride so fast she could have been a professional at it. Then her father decides it had to be put down and she wasn’t allowed to have any feeling about it at all. It was honestly so cruel, poor Laura. And she idolises this man why? I will never get it.

Carrie is finally a part of the series not just sitting in her high chair, she’s really cute and though hasn’t done a lot yet is a bit more active which I like to be able to see.

The series itself hasn’t been that great and I’m seeing things so differently on this run through for a start we have way too much racism in this series. I don’t care what era it was set in or even filmed in, it was a huge theme in this series using people of different races and cultures and they would say the worst things and bully them and it was awful. Plus then you’d have Charles acting like a white saviour thinking he was the nice and kind one to them all, but yuck he still wasn’t even if he wanted to act like it. This topic has been one of the big reason I haven’t enjoyed this season much.

The second big theme of the season has been death, illness, sickness almost every character has had some form of huge accident, or being almost at deaths door in sickness or faking that they were sick. It’s weird exactly how many stories this season followed that thread. Charles mom died, Alicia gets a plague, Mary has to have surgery, Nellie almost becomes paralysed, carries falls down a mineshaft, Charles gets shot and also stuck in a collapsed tunnel and lastly the blizzard that almost killed all the children and men. It was a lot of illness, injuries and death in this season.

Overall I liked the way this season started and thought oh we will finally get some really good episodes but unfortunately not, they just sort of got worse as it went through and were a little off putting. It’s rather strange with this being one of my favourite shows, that now I am rewatching and actually watching with a reviewers eye I’m spotting so many flaws and issues and just not enjoying them as much as I used too. Oh and should I mention that Nellie has braces, let’s see did they exist back then? No! Should she have had them whilst filming this show nope! Did the creators seem to care at all? I guess not. But it annoys me a bit as it’s so inaccurate to the time period and it was obvious too.

So yes I will still slowly be rewatching every season and you can keep a look out for my reviews if you are interested I will write them as it’s been enlightening for myself honestly, seeing how I feel about this show now.

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