Synopsis: When Isadora’s teacher announces the class are having a maths test on Monday, Isadora gets a nervous feeling in her tummy. She really doesn’t like tests . . . or maths!

Maybe, Isadora could pretend to be ill so she can stay at home instead? Isadora calls her naughty cousin Mirabelle for help and she gives her a spell that will help Isadora get out of the test.

To Isadora’s delight, it works! But between a potion mishap and magic pox fluffballs bouncing around all over the place, Isadora starts feeling a bit guilty. Luckily, her mum is on hand to help set things right and together they come up with a new, magical way to say goodbye to the magic pox and even make revising for the maths test fun!

Release Date: March 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Family, Illness, Magic, Vampires, Fairies, Witches, School, Humour, Friendship.

Pages: 128

Review: Isadora a half vampire half fairy doesn’t want to do her math test at school, so finds a way to become sick and get out of it, giving herself the magic pox and having pink spots all over her face.

This is one of the most adorable books I’ve ever read, Isadora is so so cute and so is her sister Honeyblossom. She is such a sweet little vampire fairy and she let her fear take over her with the math test and did something wrong but adorable to avoid it. I loved how wonderful her mother was, she was so caring and understanding an helped her lovingly.

I loved how Isadora learnt so much and gained her confidence, she didn’t want to struggle with her math but didn’t know what else to do, learning it all was hard for her. Eventually she learnt her ways around it making it easier for herself and I loved that she did.

I love the illustrations throughout this book it was stunning and I loved the pink touches throughout the book. The characters were all so adorably drawn and the pink fluff balls and pink rabbit were too cute.

I really loved at the end of the book it had lots of extras included too. So much extra stuff you can do after reading the book which I always love. It extends what you’ve read perfectly.

About Author: Harriet Muncaster studied illustration at Norwich University College of the Arts before going on to get an MA in children’s book illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. In creating the art for her first book for children, she was thrilled to have found a good outlet for her lifelong fascination with miniatures. She lives in Hertfordshire, England.


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