Synopsis: Join Bella, Archie and Shazmin as they help each other to feel good and face their worries.

Bella couldn’t be feeling worse about it being Feeling Good Week at school. With her best friend Rosh having moved away she’s sad and lonely, and to top it all she has a Big Worry on her mind – the class talk. Then Bella’s partnered with Shazmin and Archie and is surprised to see the shoots of a new friendship growing. They even form The Feeling Good Club to share their problems and express their feelings. But when Shazmin and Archie try to help Bella with her Big Worry things go badly wrong. How can Bella show her new friends how she feels?

The first in a fresh new series of accessible stories told in journal format, highlighting the benefits of mindfulness activities and sharing your feelings.

Release Date: 4th August 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Mental Health, Friendship, Humour, Family, Journaling, Public Speaking.

Pages: 220

Thank you so much to Little Tiger Group / Stripes Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Bella’s life has changed quickly and she has many thoughts, feelings and anxieties. Her best friend Rosh has moved to a new place and left her, now she doesn’t really talk to her. She is all alone at school, until she finds some friends thanks to her teacher. She has to give a speech on something she loves at school but public speaking terrifies her.

I really liked the whimsical style of this book with it being Bella’s journal and she put her feelings at the top of the pages and then writes down everything she thought, felt or happened to her each day, with lots of drawings and doodles too. It’s a really clever way of sharing the story.

I really liked that through all her changes in her life Bella managed to work through them all because of the guest teacher that had come to school to help them learn and understand their feelings and how to get back to feeling good. So many things caused her anxieties and stress so having that help was so great for her.

I really liked her friendship with Shazmin and Archie, the three of them were complete opposites of each other but actually worked well together and had more in common than they thought. I loved that they formed the Feel Good Club together as they all wanted to help each other with their struggles and find ways to get through it. They were really great friends and Bella grew a lot through the story because of them.

It’s a really fun and intersteing book, I think children will really love this series, especially those that have read others of this same styling. The friendships are really great, there are lots of funny parts, the characters have growth and development, it helps give guidance on understanding their own feelings and overall it’s just a fun and easy read.


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