Synopsis: Young Moana is always ready for a new challenge! It is eight-year-old Moana’s first time participating in the Tiale celebration–a festival that occurs every ten years and honors a brave female ancestor. Thanks to determination and coaching from her mother, Moana competes in the cliff diving competition!

Release Date: 13th August 2019

Genres: Middle Grade, Disney, Disney Princess, Fantasy, Mythology, Adventure, Family, Friendship, Animals, Fears.

Pages: 128

Review: It’s the Tiale celebrations where it’s split into five rounds of competition first to find the flower, then the competing really begins with canoe races, swimming, cliff diving and rock climbing. Moana plans on entering each of them but needs some help with her cliff diving.

This was a really cute book and I loved seeing more of Moana as a child and her island life. I did find I had some issues with this book, but generally I found I absolutely loved it.

I loved the story of Tiale and how Gramma Tala tells it like all her other stories. Moana had such a strong determination and really wanted to learn to be part of every event. It was sweet getting some scenes with her mother teaching her and their connection.

What I found a bit inaccurate was that we had a lot of water activities and her dad the Chief in the movie is against the water. He sends his fishermen only, so I did find it strange that he’d allow his people and daughter to canoe out in the water and to swim in it too. That’s not to say reading it wasn’t fun it really was and I loved these competition events, but at the back of my mind the whole time it was saying that this wasn’t accurate and he wouldn’t allow this. But oh well.

I did really enjoy this story we got a amazing island story, moana’s best friend on the island more Pua and HeiHei, Moana doing even more amazing feats and more family connection. It was a really adorable story and fits perfectly with Moana’s actual story that we already know.


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