Synopsis: Sail to the library under the stars in this twinkling sequel to How to Catch a Bear Who Loves to Read!

One warm summer evening, Julia is camping out in the forest with her friends, Scotty the squirrel, Abigail the groundhog, and Frieda the skunk. Everyone gathers together for the night’s most eagerly awaited event: storytime by the campfire. But when Julia digs through her bag, she discovers . . . that she has forgotten to bring her book!

Will Julia and her friends have to go to bed without a story? Find out what happens when Bertrand, the bear who loves to read, helps in navigating to the library.

Release Date: 6th September 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Bedtime Stories, Adventure, Animals, Children’s Book, Friendship

Pages: 44

Thank you to Chouette Publishing / CrackBoom Books and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Julia and her animal friends are having a camping night under the stars but Julia can’t find her book. Then sailor Bertrande bear shows up and takes them on a night adventure to the night library to get a book.

I personally didn’t really enjoy this or get into the story, I thought it would be a really relaxing adventure but I just didn’t find myself escaping into this world. It was still cute and I liked the friendship between Julia and the animals and the importance of a nice book to help you feel better.

I really liked the illustrations in the book, they were really beautiful and had sweet nighttime relaxing colour tones. I did find some issues with the language in the book as there were some really long, unusual and could be difficult words for children to read.

This wasn’t really a book I would read again personally, but I’m sure others would love reading this and that some children would love the adventure with Julia and her friends.


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