Synopsis: An imaginative rhyming picture book full of funny creatures. For little monsters ages 4 years and up.

A little wizard paints creepy, crawly creatures, but soon they come alive. They creep right off his paper. Come meet all his monsters, but please, whatever you do—don’t let them escape!

Release Date: 9th August 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Monsters, Creativity, Imagination, Art

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Clavis publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: A young wizard boy paints and creates monsters, that all come alive and each one is unique and different to the others.

I loved all the rhyming in this book it was perfectly done and literally matched the illustrations on the pages. It had such a wonderful array of monsters all so unique and so different.

The illustrations were really imaginative and wonderful to look at with such a vast amount of monsters and creatures being created there was so much to look at on each page and it was so pretty and wacky and creative.

I love how imaginative this book is and how it will open up a child’s imagination to do the same, to create as many monsters as their minds create. Everything about this book was creative and exciting and fun. It’s a great read and I do recommend reading this with your children.

(I read the Translated version in English)


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